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Ellen's Blog: The 60's

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 The 60's La MaMa was created in 1961... In August 1962 Michael Locascio wrote A Corner of the Morning. It was La MaMa’s first original play to be performed. Harold Pinter allowed La MaMa to produce his work in America for the first time in October 1962. The play was The Room, directed by John Chace. In December 1962 La MaMa produced its first opera, created and conducted by Anthony Keller. The production was entitled The Flood.


Ellen's Blog: The 60's

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ELLEN STEWART Peg Yorkin Kitty Carlisle Hart Ellen Stewart is the founder of La Mama Etc., the quintessential off-Broadway house that has nurtured some of theater's most important talents. She herself has staged, composed and directed countless productions. Stewart created La Mama in 1961 and to this day it continues to be of great importance to world culture. Its resident theater troupes have performed throughout the world and the La Mama home on East 4th Street in Manhattan has hosted artists from more than seventy countries. Now in her eighties, Stewart's energy is as boundless as ever--she commutes between the theater in New York and the artist residency she founded in Spoleto Italy. Stewart is the recipient of many honorary doctorates and awards, including the MacArthur "Genius" award. QUOTE: "I never had self-doubt. I was always taught by my mama that I'm on an island and there's not a soul on the island but me. And so whatever gets done, I have to do it. That's the way I was brought up. So I never thought about self-doubt. But anything that I've wanted to do, I always believed that somehow - I believe in the somehow - that I could find a way to do it

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