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(Английский язык) First Friends 2 (Class Book, Audio CD) [2009, PDF, MP3, ENG] ::

First Friends 2 (Class Book, Audio CD) pic Год выпуска: 2009 г. Автор: Susan Ianuzzi Издатель: Oxford University Press Язык книги: Английский Формат: PDF Качество: Отсканированные страницы Кол-во страниц: 66 ISBN: 9780194432191, 9780194432016 Аудио кодек: MP3 Битрейт аудио: 128 kbps Описание: English level: Pre-school Description A two-level beginners' course for young children that integrates the teaching of phonics, reading, writing, and numeracy. Key features * Fun, visually appealing characters introduce language in contexts which will motivate students and promote learning. * Up to two phonics pages per unit introduce children to the sounds of English through memorable, catchy songs. * Predictable unit structure, single-page lessons, and clear component links make First Friends extremely easy to teach. * In-built revision and recycling, plus regular Progress Checks in the Teacher's Book, help students internalize language and give teachers everything they need to assess students' individual progress.

Trisquel on Sugar | Trisquel GNU/Linux - Run free!

Trisquel on Sugar SugarWe have a new project, a live -and installable- CD/USB image running the latest Sugar learning platform: "The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software." This new project will improve the Trisquel Edu system, providing a nice educational environment for first grade students. We hope this will also be the start of a productive relationship with the SugarLabs folks, who helped us a lot to achieve this release. Many thanks to Aleksey Lim and to everyone at the Sugar project for giving us this wonderful software! The project was presented during the Software Freedom Day 09 event organized by the Free Software Foundation. Briefly introduced by Walter Bender, founder of SugarLabs, our Sugar+Trisquel solution provides a way to run this excelent educational software in a fully free system. Trisquel 3.0 was also featured in the FSF event, running on the computers available for the public on site. Highligts Built using the latest Sugar and Trisquel versions available. Installable live CD, with MD5 self-checking utility. Persistent user data in live-usb sessions, graphical usb-creator included. Boot menu with 30 selectable languages. LTSP thin client support using a Trisquel Edu server. Sugar style artwork. Testing You can help us and the Sugar project by testing the release candidate iso image: Send any bugs you find to our bug tracker. We will also report them upstream in case they are not caused by the Trisquel base system.


Little Wizard - download

You have selected to download the 1.2.0rc1 release. Below is a list of files contained in this release. Before downloading, you may want to read the release notes.

schoolsplay - FRESHMEAT

Schoolsplay is a collection of educational activities for children. Schoolsplay resembles the approach taken by the Childsplay and Gcompris projects but is designed to be less like a collection of games. Because it's aimed at schools, it also provides data collection to produce reports about a child's results per activity. The data will be accessible to the teacher by means of an admin module. The design is modular and the activities and skins are grouped in packages

Welcome to the schoolsplay project What's schoolsplay "schoolsplay" is a new project based on childsplay and it will become a program that offers various educational activities and the "fun and games" activities currently found in childsplay. Schoolsplay tries to address the design problems in childsplay by using a more object oriented (OO) design. This will make schoolsplay more robust and scalable as well as allow for easier customization by the user. In addition to the design considerations schoolsplay will also add extensive data collecting, per user, to the various activities. The database used to store this data can be any SQL based database as schoolsplay support all the major databases like SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle. Because the two kind of activities needed a different GUI it was decided to split the activities in two packages. The two packages are named Schoolsplay and Childsplay_sp. Childsplay_sp: This is the program which was released in the past as 'schoolsplay' and it has a number of the childsplay games. This program will eventually get all the games currently found in the 'old' childsplay. The '_sp' suffix is added to differentiate between this childsplay version and the old childsplay program. The package is available for download through the download section. Cognitionplay: This is a variant of Childsplay_sp but tailored to be used in a hospital to treat patients with mental diseases. The differences is mainly in the selection of activities, looks and sounds. The patients would be older or elderly people so the look and feel is less 'childish' than in Childsplay_sp. The development of this variant is done in cooperation with a therapist from a Austrian clinic. The package is available for download through the download section. Schoolsplay: This version uses GTK as it's graphical frontend and is developed to run on the OLPC XO laptop. It will contain many activities that are suitable to be used in classrooms and will provide extensive data collecting and a multiuser environment with passwords. The target is the XO laptop but it will also run on any Python supported platform. The reason for targeting the XO laptop is that the OLPC project donated a laptop to develop an educational program like schoolsplay. More information and XO packages can be found at the OLPC schoolsplay page. Finally I would like to point out that everything in the schoolsplay project is licensed under the GPL version 3. Please keep in mind that Schoolsplay is still beta software. See the sourceforge project page for additional information and contact info.


Because the liberty and the equality of access to the IT are important in our society, OFSET is actively promoting and developing free software for schools. To understand how and under what conditions OFSET is working to reach this objective, we invite you to read carefully the OFSET Manifesto and Charter. To consult the projects we are working on, you can take a look at our Project pages. In case you are interested becoming an OFSET active member, our Members pages are dedicated to that topic. To chat about these subjects in real time, you can join us in our mailing list or in our IRC channel #ofset at (connect to #ofset).

How to get Freeduc-cd?

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You have two options to get the Freeduc-cd. You can download it or you can get it in the form of a cute packaging with written instructions (only French for now but the CD is international) by becoming an OFSET member. Download We provide on the net the ISO images of the auto executable and source CD-ROM. The auto executable CD-ROM is hosted at Source Forge, the source CD-ROM are hosted by ourselves. * The Freeduc-cd: download here; * The sources of Freeduc-cd; * Documentation in development at Packaged freeduc-cd We want to encourage people to join the OFSET to support the development of free software in education. Therefore we annually offer a packaged version of the freeduc-cd to the OFSET members. To know how to become an OFSET member look at our members page. Additionally, the CD-ROM of the source codes can be provided in exchange of a fee covering the charge. We keep copy of those CD and we are be able to provide them as long as it is necessary. If you distribute the Freeduc executable CD, you must also distribute the Freeduc source CD or you must make an offer to get the physical CD, in order to comply with section 3 of the GNU GPL .


Berry Linux

Berry Linux is a bootable CD Linux, automatic hardware detection. Berry Linux can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system. It is not necessary to install anything on a hard disk.


Who and Why We are Our mission since the beginning has been to provide any child the curriculum and tools to maximize success in life, regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance.

coffeecup freestuff

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor 9.0 The Free HTML Editor is a Drag and Drop Editor with Built-In FTP ! The CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a drag and drop HTML Editor with Built-in FTP uploading. It has wizards for tables, frames, forms and fonts and comes... Download Now CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard 2.6 Zipping and Un-Zipping has never been easier ! CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard makes it easy to Zip and Unzip files. It has built-in E-mail and FTP functions, so you can Zip and send your files in one easy... Download Now CoffeeCup Free Image Viewer 2.6 Absolutely the Coolest Image Viewer on the Planet... with Email, FTP, ZIP ! CoffeeCup Free Image Viewer is a fast, powerful, and easy to use Image viewer and more. It has built in Email, FTP, and Zip functions that allows you to... Download Now CoffeeCup Free FTP 3.0 Free FTP Software makes Uploads and Downloads a Snap! CoffeeCup Free FTP is a fast no frills FTP program that makes it easy to drag and drop files to and from your Website. It supports multiple server profiles,... Download Now CoffeeCup Free DHTML Menu Builder 2.0 Create cool interactive sliding menus easily! Create professional looking DHTML (Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language) menus for your Web site, without writing a single line of code. (No HTML knowledge... Download Now CoffeeCup LockBox 3.0 LockBox safely stores all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, access codes, and any other confidential information in one place. LockBox is your cure for the lost username and password headache! Free with Purchase of Any Other Program CoffeeCup Educational Software Package CoffeeCup Software's K-12 Donation Program allows public schools to request our Educational Software Package (ESP) Free for classroom use to elementary and secondary public schools, and public libraries.