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14 June 2008 19:30


Because the liberty and the equality of access to the IT are important in our society, OFSET is actively promoting and developing free software for schools. To understand how and under what conditions OFSET is working to reach this objective, we invite you to read carefully the OFSET Manifesto and Charter. To consult the projects we are working on, you can take a look at our Project pages. In case you are interested becoming an OFSET active member, our Members pages are dedicated to that topic. To chat about these subjects in real time, you can join us in our mailing list or in our IRC channel #ofset at (connect to #ofset).

How to get Freeduc-cd?

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You have two options to get the Freeduc-cd. You can download it or you can get it in the form of a cute packaging with written instructions (only French for now but the CD is international) by becoming an OFSET member. Download We provide on the net the ISO images of the auto executable and source CD-ROM. The auto executable CD-ROM is hosted at Source Forge, the source CD-ROM are hosted by ourselves. * The Freeduc-cd: download here; * The sources of Freeduc-cd; * Documentation in development at Packaged freeduc-cd We want to encourage people to join the OFSET to support the development of free software in education. Therefore we annually offer a packaged version of the freeduc-cd to the OFSET members. To know how to become an OFSET member look at our members page. Additionally, the CD-ROM of the source codes can be provided in exchange of a fee covering the charge. We keep copy of those CD and we are be able to provide them as long as it is necessary. If you distribute the Freeduc executable CD, you must also distribute the Freeduc source CD or you must make an offer to get the physical CD, in order to comply with section 3 of the GNU GPL .

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