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29 July 2008 05:45

Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux

Live CD's Before we scare you away by saying cinelerra only runs on X-based operating systems only (i.e. NOT MS Windows), it is possible to try cinelerra out without modifying your computer. This is possible through the use of Live CDs. Here are some of the Live CD's known to contain cinelerra * Knoppix - the "original" Debian-based LiveDistro * dyne:bolic - for multimedia production -uses Window Maker window manager * Elive - debian based live CD using Enlightenment window manager * x-evian - Debian based live CD for multimedia creations * MediainLinux - Knoppix based live CD * Musix - Knoppix based - for audio production, graphic design and video editing * pho (garbure) - dedicated to video editing * Slo-Tech - based on Debian and Morphix * ArtistX - based on Debian, Gnome or KDE, for multimedia