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Dual boot de Windows 7 e Vista com Linux sem usar o GRUB

Dual boot de Windows 7 e Vista com Linux sem usar o GRUB Dicas do Guia do Hardware Um problema comum para quem tem dual boot com Windows e Linux é a configuração do gerenciador de boot, o GRUB. O gerenciador do Windows não permite inicializar um sistema Linux facilmente, e o Windows sempre sobrescreve a MBR quando é instalado. E o contrário também pode ocorrer algumas vezes. Com um HD só nunca tive problemas, mas atualmente com três (dois SATA e um IDE) nunca consegui configurar o GRUB corretamente, mesmo seguindo vários tutoriais e lendo atentamente as opções, revisando a ordem dos drives no BIOS, etc. Se esse é seu caso, ou se você tem medo das opções do GRUB, pode usar o aplicativo freeware Easy BCD.


wubi faq

Linux and Ubuntu What is the relationship between Linux and Ubuntu? Ubuntu is an operating system that includes a lot of free and open source applications and uses Linux as its core. Linux is like this amazing solar-powered engine that can be used in a street car, in a F1 or it can be daisy chained to drive a truck or an airplane. Ubuntu is like a car using the Linux engine, a zero emission, fully accessorised and easy to drive all-terrain, with power, acceleration and looks matching far more expensive supercars... Imagine something like that... ...for free.


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Welcome to ! If you have problem to contact this page sometimes you can also try to use the Sourceforge page at Topologilinux is a free Linuxdistribution to be run on top or inside your existing windows system. The main thing with Topologilinux is that it does not require any partitioning at all. (uses a single file as linux root system) Topologilinux is therefore very easy to install.

Free Software Magazine nr 18

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Always a great read and a real recommendation with articles about dual booting, Debian, VirtualBox, FreeMind,, some commandline stuff and then some more | digg story Promote this on eKudos (0) Promote this article to:

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