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11 September 2009 19:00

Our $1 Challenge : Damn Small Linux

EU AQUI euaqui COM O dsl damn small linux LiveCD live cd DAMN SMALL LINUX The Damn Small Linux $1 Challenge* If you have contributed to Damn Small Linux, thank you! For the rest of you... How much is our Linux project worth to you? Is the joy and convenience worth $1, $5, $100? Here is our challenge to those of you who have not contributed. How about just contributing one dollar to our efforts. If just ten percent of our user base contributed one dollar to our fund raising efforts we would have enough to work on Damn Small Linux full time. And then imagine what could happen to our little Linux project! So, how about being part of that one percent? Your return on investment will be very high. *Update While many in the DSL community have been very generous, it is apparent that a more realistic goal is 1%. I'd like to thank those who have helped us out. For those who want to renew your support we now offer a donation subscription service. If you want to contribute to Damn Small Linux, thank you for your help! Alternatively, if you are buying anything at all, you can support DSL by using our links at the DSM Market, where you will find links to many of the top Internet retailers -- a portion each sale goes to help DSL! Or, you may be interested in The Official Damn Small Linux Book.

11 September 2009 16:00

Damn Small Linux on a bootable 1 Gig USB pen drive

Damn Small Linux on a USB drive We are now offering DSL pre-installed on a bootable now 4 Gig USB 2.0 pen drive. This USB device is very thin and will not block access to other USB ports like some of the larger pen drives. These drives are set up as a single writable partition which allow the maximum amount of storage space for your personal files as well as your favorite MyDSL programs. All earnings from the sale of this item go into funding the development of DSL. These drives are also USB 1.1 compatible Please note: All our USB pens are now bootable via USB-HDD and also Embedded via Qemu!

11 September 2009 15:00

20 June 2007 20:00

Damn Small Linux, Download the ISO

If you like Damn Small Linux, please consider donating; even small contributions will help fund its continued development. Current md5sum: 95383f523ae7a24f9ff085c021ccf11e dsl-3.3.iso

DSL information

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DSL is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution. Damn Small is small enough and smart enough to do the following things: * Boot from a business card CD as a live linux distribution (LiveCD) * Boot from a USB pen drive * Boot from within a host operating system (that's right, it can run *inside* Windows) * Run very nicely from an IDE Compact Flash drive via a method we call "frugal install" * Transform into a Debian OS with a traditional hard drive install * Run light enough to power a 486DX with 16MB of Ram * Run fully in RAM with as little as 128MB (you will be amazed at how fast your computer can be!) * Modularly grow -- DSL is highly extendable without the need to customize

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