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June 2008


emesene 1.0 released! The emesene dev team is proud to announce the release of emesene 1.0 codename unopuntocero. Features: * Clean and easy to use GUI * Tabbed chat * Custom emoticons * File transfers * Offline messaging * Personal messages * Nudges * Multilingual GUI * Customization o Themes o Smileys o Sounds o GUI o Conversation format * Plugins * MSN Plus! * Chat logging Things that were left in this release: * Audio * Video * Winks With this release we present our project to the community in order to keep evolving the client to give the users what they want, please download it and try to contribute in any way you can. * Translations * Plugins * Bug reports/fixes * Code * Themes * Spreading the word * Support to other users

November 2007

News :: KolourPaint - the free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE

by 1 other Logo News About | Testimonials | Screenshots Download | Documentation People | Contact Links KolourPaint is a free, easy-to-use paint program for KDE - Read More. News Improved Clipboard Support with KDE 3.5.8

October 2007

Go Bible

There are two ways to get Go Bible onto your phone. The first and best option is to download Go Bible to your PC first and then transfer it from your PC to your phone if both your PC and phone support either USB, Infra-Red, or Bluetooth. The second option is to download Go Bible directly to your phone via WAP. This approach is more expensive as GPRS data charges in Australia are normally charged at 2�/KB.

September 2007 - mdhashtool: installation

MDHashTool 0.4 This version introduces support for Link Fingerprints, a scheme for embedding checksum information in URLs that makes it possible to automatically verify download integrity. Other features: MD5 and SHA1 digest calculation for single files or text strings, drag and drop support, integration with the download manager, and updated help documentation. See Release Notes for more information.

June 2007

Diffingo Solutions Inc. / Solutions Diffingo Inc. - Home

Welcome Welcome to Diffingo Solutions. Please use the navigation menu on the left to start browsing, or you skip to our products and services. fwbackups v1.43.0 Release Candidate 2 fwbackups v1.43.0 Release Candidate 2 is ready for download - Here are the various install options: * Using the install script in the source tarballs (Simply run 'make install' as root) * Installing the binary RPMs available for Fedora Core 6 and the Fedora development branch * Building your own binary RPM using the Source RPM (SRPM) Some new highlights: - Drag-and-drop support for paths (Only Nautilus is supported for now) - Automatic cleanup of crontabs from 1.42.x - Disk Information feature is now fixed - The rsync engine now uses relative paths like tar and tar.gz do - Minor bugfixes Please see this annoucement for more details on what to do if you're having problems upgrading from the beta1 RPMs. Known Issues: * The fwbackups-runonce command doesn't work so well and it's still in progress.