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21 October 2007

Download Center - Download

Get the latest Java Runtime Environment to use Sun Download Manager Internet Explorer Users: Check the top of this page for a "Java(TM) Web Start ActiveX Control" message in the information bar. If it appears, click it to finish detecting your Java version. We were unable to detect a recent version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your system. With the latest JRE, you can automatically download, install, and run Sun Download Manager (SDM) directly from this page. We highly recommend SDM to easily manage your downloads (pause, resume, restart, verify, and more). Visit for the latest JRE. Java SE Development Kit and NetBeans IDE Cobundle (JDK 6u3 / NB 5.5.1)

09 October 2007

03 September 2007

Ubufox. How it works? - Page 2 - Ubuntu Forums

Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums. Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums, we encourage you to REGISTER on our forums and participate in the community. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. By JOINING US today you can participate in our active and growing community. Registering on our forum gets you access to post new messages, get support, use private messages, download images from our gallery and much much more!

30 August 2007

Fedora Public Active Mirrors

Fedora Public Active Mirrors Fedora is distributed to millions of systems globally. This would not be possible without the donations of time, disk space, and bandwidth by hundreds of volunteer system administrators and their companies or institutions. Your fast download experience is made possible by these donations. This list is dynamically generated every hour, listing only up-to-date mirrors. To become a public Fedora mirror, please see our wiki page on Mirroring. You may trim the selection through the links on the right, or see the whole list.

28 August 2007

Google Linux Software Repositories

The Linux Package Signing Key Google's Linux packages are signed with a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) key. You must install the public package signing key on your system to prevent warnings or errors when installing packages from the Google Linux software repositories. Please download the key from the link below, then follow the appropriate configuration instructions on the Google Linux Repositories page to setup your package manager to use the key.