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The KOffice Project - Download KOffice

Download KOffice Information KOffice is currently available as version 1.6.3 designed to run with KDE 3.3 or later. KOffice is released separately from the rest of KDE, so KOffice releases are not in sync with those of KDE. If you wish to use a newer development version, then you will need to compile from source.

The KOffice Project - Download KOffice Source Code

Download KOffice Source Code [ Requirements | KOffice stable from tarballs | KOffice unstable from svn ] Requirements To compile KOffice you need: * a C compiler which supports exceptions (preferably a recent version of GCC). (see for info about getting and installing it.)

09 August 2007 00:45

kde download

You Are About to Download... When you click one of the mirror links below you will be redirected to the download you have just selected.

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17 June 2007 07:45

ubuntu get ubuntu

How can you get Ubuntu? There are now three ways for you to get Ubuntu. Just choose the delivery option that works best for you

06 June 2007 11:30

Baixando imagens do CD Debian com o jigdo

Jigsaw Download, ou resumindo jigdo, pretende ser a principal forma de distribuição das imagens de CD Debian no futuro. Atualmente o sistema funciona, porém seu uso não é muito confortável pelo fato do gerenciador de cópia não estar pronto ainda