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15 October 2008

A Communicative Grammar of English, Third Edition » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Publisher: Pearson ESL | 2003-01-06 | 456 pages | ISBN: 0582506336 | 12.36 MB I bought a book, a communicative grammar of english for my wife from amazon. in fact, I have not regretted I did this. The book came in good time and is working wonders for my wife in her English literature course. This book is cute, very attractive, and written such that it can easily be read and contents understood. My wife is using the book in Ghana and she is a champion in class.

12 October 2008

Macmillan English Grammar in Context Advanced with Key » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Macmillan English Grammar In Context, a three-level grammar practice series with a difference. Incorporating contextual examples in grammar practice activities, Macmillan English Grammar In Context is a grammar book that can be used in both the classroom and for self-study

A Basic English Grammar Exercises by J.Eastwood » Full Software Downloads - Download For All

Of all the English grammar books I know, this is the BEST one for INTERMEDIATE level students (that is, for those who know some English but need a systematic review of the grammar).