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June 2009

blag linux and gnu by le brixton linux action group

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blag - le brixton linux action group works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and spreading Free Software.

Home Musix GNU Linux

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¿Qué es Musix GNU Linux? Más capturas de pantalla Musix es el resultado del trabajo colaborativo de toda una comunidad de usuarios y programadores. Es un Sistema Operativo Multimedia 100% Libre destinado a músicos, técnicos sonidistas, DJs, cineastas, diseñadores gráficos, y usuarios en general: una enorme colección de programas libres que pueden reemplazar Windows. (Más detalles: Breves / Descarga el Live-CD / Entrevista / Video-Demo)

gNewSense Official Website : Free as in freedom | Main / gNewSense 2.2 - deltah | browse

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gNewSense is a fully free software GNU/Linux distribution. Free software is software that respects your freedom. You can use it without restrictive licenses, make copies for your friends, school or business. To use free software is to make a political and ethical choice asserting your rights to learn and to share what you learn with others. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community. We are open and anyone is welcome to join.

May 2008

GNOME: Get Footware

Get the GNOME Desktop (Get Footware) So you want to run GNOME but you don't know where to get it? Well, a number of software distributions are shipping GNOME as their default desktop. Here is a list of popular, and less well known distributions, and the version of GNOME they ship. This list includes GNU/Linux, BSD and other UNIX varients. As well as installable software and Live CDs. If you are looking to simply try out GNOME, perhaps you should consider a GNOME Live. Images for Qemu, Parallels, VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC are available, showcasing the latest GNOME technology.

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