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January 2008

OpenDisc | Latest Version

AQUI MENCIONADO O : InfraRecorder para queimar imagem iso Latest Version You can easily download the latest version of OpenDisc by looking at the right of this page at the Download section. Here you can grab the .ISO image file of the disc, and a MD5 checksum if you’d like to verify your download. If you’d prefer not to download the entire disc, have a look at the programs we currently feature on OpenDisc where you’re able to pick and choose what you’d like. If you’re unsure, here’s how to burn the .ISO file as a disc: 1. Download and install InfraRecorder. 2. Run InfraRecorder. 3. Select Actions from the menu, and choose Burn Image. 4. Find where you downloaded the OpenDisc ISO, and select it. 5. Follow the prompts. 6. Enjoy! The MD5 checksum is a virtual fingerprint of the .ISO file, and using an MD5 checker you can verify that your download of the .ISO worked and the disc is error-free. Also available is printable cover artwork for the latest version.

OpenDisc | Programs

Programs If you don’t want to download the entire disc you can instead download only what you like from this page. Clicking on an icon here leads you to the official site for that program and away from our site, so be sure to open links up in new tabs/windows or bookmark OpenDisc before you leave. Here’s the programs featured on the latest version of OpenDisc:

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