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itsy-bitsy (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

itsy-bitsy - definition and synonyms Using the thesaurus adjective informal itsy-bitsy pronunciation in British English /ˌɪtsi ˈbɪtsi/ or itty-bitty itty-bitty pronunciation in British English /ˌɪti ˈbɪti/ Contribute to our Open Dictionary very small Synonyms and related words Small in size:small, little, tiny...

titbit (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

a small piece of food Synonyms and related words Amounts and pieces of food:a stick of butter/margarine, batch, bed... Explore Thesaurus 2 a piece of interesting information titbits of gossip Synonyms and related words General words for information, news and facts:information, data, datum...


macmillan dictionaries

Dictionaries For over 150 years, Macmillan has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading reference publishers. We have now enhanced this reputation with a series of dictionaries for learners of English, created from scratch by skilled lexicographers working in Britain and America. They have used revolutionary software to analyse English as it is spoken and written today, to produce up-to-date reference books designed for quick and easy access. The dictionaries incorporate innovative techniques to help users build their vocabulary and improve their accuracy and fluency. The Macmillan English Dictionary, the flagship title in the range, won the two most prestigious awards in the ELT industry for its first edition: the Duke of Edinburgh English-Speaking Union English Language Book Award in 2002, and the British Council Innovations Award in 2004. The second edition, with a special focus on writing skills, was published in 2007, and includes a complete package of unique, carefully researched materials designed to help learners to become more confident writers in academic and professional situations.