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How to install Scribus on Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distributions |

How to install Scribus on Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distributions Wed, 05/21/2008 - 00:25 — malex Introduction This document is about using Scribus Team repositories to obtain up-to-date Scribus packages for Debian GNU/Linux (unstable/testing/stable also known as sid/squeeze/lenny) and on Ubuntu (Intrepid/Hardy/Gutsy). We have two identical repositories ( and that provide bandwidth redundancy and failover capabilithary, so you can use either one or both of them. Instructions are the same whether you run a 32-bit or a 64-bit distribution.

Getting Scribus on Ubuntu/Kubuntu up and running - Scribus Public Wiki

BIG FAT WARNING: Scribus users on any version of Kubuntu from Dapper Drake on may experience difficulties while changing values in real number spinboxes. This is a long standing bug which has been reported to both Ubuntu and Scribus bug tracker. As long as there is no real solution, you can use of the workarounds mentioned in Ubuntu Bug Tracker, preferably remove the package scim_qtimm. Please refer also to this metabug for other *buntu issues that may diminish its suitability as a good platform for Scribus and DTP Getting Scribus on Ubuntu/Kubuntu up and running

March 2009

Downloads |

Downloads Scribus source tarballs, MacOSX aqua and Windows installers, SUSE and Redhat RPMS, and some supporting files can be found on the Scribus project's SourceForge downloads page Download Categories * Source tarball * SVN Snapshots * Templates and Sample Documents * Scripts * Color Profiles * Linux: o Debian and Ubuntu o SUSE o Redhat/Fedora o CentOS o Mandriva * Other Operating Systems: * Windows (TM) * MacOSX (TM) * OS/2 (TM) Download Items SUSE Yast/Apt-rpm/Smart Download Repository OS/2 Package Source tarball CentOS RPM Download Repository Adobe ICC Profiles in RPM for Linux Photogamut RGB sRGB Profile - Distro Neutral RPM ECI Offset Profiles - Distro Neutral RPM Debian/Ubuntu installation documentation. Redhat and Fedora RPM download repository AquaScribus-1.0.1 Scribus installation on MacOSX documentation overview Mandriva RPM Download Repository OS/2 Package Redhat and Fedora RPM download repository Redhat and Fedora RPM download repository Command Line sla2pd ID generator - Next Generation IDgen markers Calendrier Font Sample Generator Info Page Source tarball SUSE Yast/Apt-rpm/Smart Download Repository 2008-10-16 snapshot for windows 2009-01-06 snapshot for windows 2009-01-17 1.3.5svn snapshot for windows Avery L7676 CD-Label Template Yard Sale / Garage Sale Poster A4 Visitenkarten Template Scribus Ruler Linux Tux in a Scribus File Avery 8660 Label Template Avery 8254 Label Template Avery 5162 Label Template Scribus Manual Sample PDF KDE Files Calendar template for 2007 Scribus themed presentation template Scribus Templates Amaray DVD Case Interior Booklet Scribus on Windows How-To Download the Latest Stable Version for Windows 2008-10-16 snapshot for windows 2009-01-06 snapshot for windows 2009-01-17 1.3.5svn snapshot for windows

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