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Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition Bem-vindo ao seu novo navegador favorito. Obtenha os recursos mais recentes, desempenho rápido e as ferramentas de desenvolvimento que você precisa para construir uma web aberta.

Curso Completo de PHP 7 | Udemy

Curso Completo de PHP 7 Torne-se um Desenvolvedor PHP, aprenda com dois especialistas a programar do básico ao avançado em um projeto completo. Classificação mais alta 4,7 (3.792 classificações) 12.701 alunos inscritos Criado por Hcode Treinamentos, Glaucio Daniel Souza

Baixar o Android Studio e as SDK Tools | Android Studio

Browse this site in Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro)? You requested a page in Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro), but your language preference for this site is English. Would you like to change your language preference and browse this site in Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro)? If you want to change your language preference later, use the language menu at the bottom of each page.


User Guide to Nvu HTML Web authoring tool for site development

Charles Cooke's Nvu Support Site Nvu is a nascent, open source, ysiwyg, Web authoring system. I hope that this User Guide will both prove useful for new users and act as a reference guide for those more experienced. Latest revision 14-March-2006 Based on Nvu 1.0 The Guide is based on Nvu running under Windows XP. Available both in pdf and HTML versions The pdf version can be printed, if required, on either A4 or US letter stationery. The files for the guide are no longer maintained on this site but are hosted on an Nvu site. Your preferred route, when running Nvu is via the Nvu Help menu, select 'User Guide' Alternatively go to the current version using the link below Nvu User Guide HTML or pdf However! a - The hosting site has not worked since the last week in September (I am investigating why.) b - There is now a newer User Guide based on KompoZer available Copies of both old and new can be found via Also available Bugs I found HTML

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