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25 July 2008

Skolelinux: Infoside for utviklerne

The Linux for School project "We have four years of experience using Linux with user applications in Nynorsk" says Bjarne Hugo Hansen, principle of Høle primary and secondary school. Nynorsk is one of the two main norwegian dialects, the other is Bokmål. "Our school saves at least NOK 128.000 (Norwegian kroner) a year, and we are able to use new software on old computers". Most of our computer park consist of old, donated computers from private companies. Bjerke high school with 370 pupils, has three and a half years of experience with thin clients and servers running Linux with KDE and StarOffice. They use a hardware-optimized solution with central server-administration. "Our school saves NOK 100.000 a year" says Gro Flaten, principal of Bjerke. July the 2nd 2001, an initiating meeting was summoned for the "Skolelinux" project (a project to create a Linux solution aimed at Norwegian schools. ). 13 out of 25 project participants met, which is good, considering that the participants live widely spread across Norway. The project's objective was discussed, and the Debian distribution was chosen as a base platform because Petter Reinholdtsen, who knows the Debian distribution well, volunteered to build the new "Skolelinux" distribution. Eivind Trondsen, Linux evangelist from IBM Norway, offered a build computer and development site for a couple of summer months. The objective we agreed on is: The "Skolelinux" project shall provide Norwegian user applications in the two norwegian dialects, Nynorsk and Bokmål, and in the Sami language.

DebianEdu - Debian Wiki

DebianEdu * is a Debian project to make the best distribution for educational purposes. Skolelinux * is the name of a CustomDebianDistribution which is produced by the DebianEdu project. "Skole" ([skuːl]) is the Norwegian form of "school". Both "skole" and "school" comes from the Latin word "schola".

17 July 2008

DebianEdu/Software - Debian Wiki

Debian Wiki * DebianEdu * Software Wiki * FrontPage * RecentChanges * FindPage * HelpContents * DebianEdu/Software Página * Página Não Editável * Informações * Anexos * Usuário * Login Software Skolelinux software overview, and links to other web sites that will help you find the software you need. Please, help us to complete this page. We need a quick overview about free educational software. If you like to work continuosly, please subscribe this page to be informed on changes automatical

Listas de Software Livre Educativo e Distribuições GNU/Linux | Software livre no ensino

Listas de Software Livre Educativo e Distribuições GNU/Linux Submetido por EscolasLivres a Quinta, 08/09/2007 - 13:27. * Software Existem algumas distribuições GNU/Linux especialmente afinadas para o contexto educativo. Por exemplo, o Edubuntu ou o OpenSuse Edu, ou ainda o Skolelinux (ver também esta página).