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Cooliris | Discover More

SUPPORTED SITES How to Use Cooliris on Supported Sites 1. Mouseover images and videos on supported sites and then click the Cooliris icon that appears. 2. Or simply click the Cooliris icon on your browser toolbar when visiting a supported site. Cooliris works on hundreds of popular websites, including the small sample below.

Cooliris | Discover More

The Cooliris 3D Wall Your infinite and interactive wall provides a lightning fast and visually stunning way to view photos and videos across the Web and your desktop Linux Support Cooliris now works on Linux! There's never been an easier and more stunning way to browse photos and videos on Linux..

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Cooliris Previews :: Complementos para o Firefox

Cooliris Previews 2.6.4 por The Cooliris Team Categorias * RSS, notícias & blogs * Desenvolvimento web * Privacidade e segurança * Ferramentas de busca * Fotos, música & vídeos Cooliris Previews gives you the power to browse and share Web links and rich media faster. Just mouse over any link, and the Cooliris preview window immediately appears to show you the content. To email it, just click. revisões Updated 2 de junho de 2008

Bookmark Previews :: Complementos para o Firefox

* Desenvolvimento web * Ferramentas de busca * Favoritos Just mouse-over any of your bookmarks to view the website you bookmarked...


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