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Kubuntu | Friendly Computing

Kubuntu, making your PC friendly Kubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide community of developers, testers, supporters and translators. Kubuntu is a free, complete, and open-source alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X which contains everything you need to work, play, or share. Check out the Feature Tour if you would like to learn more! Kubuntu unites Ubuntu with KDE and the fabulous Plasma desktop, bringing you a full set of applications. The installation includes productivity, office, email, graphics, photography, and music applications ready to use at startup. Firefox, Kmail, LibreOffice, Gwenview are just a few installed and ready to use, with thousands more, available in just a click, from the Discover software centre. Built using the Qt toolkit, Kubuntu is fast, slick and beautiful. Kubuntu is mobile-ready, enabling easy integration between your PC desktop and phone or tablet. Simply use the Google Play store to install KDE Connect on your Android device and you can integrate your device with your desktop. Watch the video below, download the ISO and try Kubuntu today.


Será o fim da computação pessoal de propósito geral?

Será o fim da computação pessoal de propósito geral? Artigos Quando os computadores, que são máquinas que evoluem e podem ser reprogramadas, se tornaram amplamente disponíveis, o burburinho gerado foi merecido. Cientistas, bancos e companhias de seguros, acharam que estavam sonhando; outros, como os escritores de ficção científica, acharam que aquilo era um pesadelo. Hoje em dia, gostando ou não, eles estão em toda parte. Só que parte desses computadores voltados para o uso individual está se distanciando bastante do conceito original de máquina programável. Eles mais parecem ferramentas comuns, com uma utilidade fixa. Seus mecanismos internos personalizáveis só estão acessíveis às pessoas que os desenvolveram. Será que não existe mais mercado para máquinas programáveis pessoais de propósito geral, capazes de fazer de tudo? Vou tentar responder a essa pergunta, levando em conta duas fortes tendências no mercado da computação pessoal: os dispositivos sensíveis ao toque e a computação em nuvem.

Ubuntu One Music Store, beta pública disponible | Ubunlog

Ubuntu One Music Store, beta pública disponible Lunes, 22nd Marzo 2010 Software Ubuntu Una de las novedades que vendrá en Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu One Music Store ya esta disponible para hacer las primeras pruebas en la beta de Ubuntu 10.04 Lamentablemente no sé que toqué en mi instalación de la beta en VirtualBox y la estropeé :( así que no puedo ofrecerles capturas, en estos momentos me encuentro reinstalando nuevamente la beta así que en cuanto pueda pondré algunas capturas. Les dejo una capturas vistas en el blog

eyeOS Brasil

eyeOS Qual é eyeOS? eyeOS é o Sistema Operacional Cloud Computing. Trabalho on-line ou pessoalmente, colaborativamente, com seus arquivos, escritório, calendário, contatos e muito mais. Seus dados é seguro e sempre disponível – eyeOS é Software Livre! Porque é que o eyeOS Software Livre? A ideia de eyeOS é criar uma fonte livre, aberta (AGPLv3) produto fácil de instalar em um servidor web para que você terá seu próprio sistema sobre nuvem e totalmente em seu controle. Você também pode participar de uma grande comunidade de usuários e programadores, capazes de criar seus próprios aplicativos. Bem-vindo ao projeto eyeOS Brasil. E se eu quiser usar eyeOS agora? Se você não quiser instalar eyeOS no seu próprio servidor, você pode criar uma conta no nosso servidor público gratuito e começar a usar o eyeOS agora. Basta ir para e descobrir o poder do eyeOS.


Ubuntu on a Dime: The Path to Low-Cost Computing

Ubuntu on a Dime: The Path to Low-Cost Computing Summary: Apress | English | 2009-06-08 | ISBN: 1430219726 | 280 pages | PDF | 6 MB You know that Ubuntu software costs nothing. Now you want the PC system that costs as little as possible and runs Ubuntu and OS applications without complaints and calls to tech support. So you spend your hard–earned dollars on the hardware only and have your own optimized Ubuntu PC. This is the book that will show you how to get what you need without wreaking havoc on your finances. Put together the parts to make a great work computer for little cost. Packed with the practical, hands–on guidance and technical know–how that you’ve come to expect from Apress, Ubuntu on a Dime takes you on a tour of the very best, but low–cost hardware, while only using zero–cost software in each of the many categories that matter to the typical PC user. You’ll learn how to find the best and cheapest hardware, and how to put it together to make a working PC. Learn to edit photos on the Internet without having to install any software at all. Find out where to get a free office suite for word processing and spreadsheet work. Whatever your need, James Kelly, best–selling technology author, guides you through the exciting and often confusing world of zero–cost computing. This book • Takes you step–by–step through a PC build • Tells you what you need to install to have a fantastic work computer without spending a dime • Saves you money by showing you how to meet your computing needs • Saves you time by pointing you directly to the best free software • Saves you work by illustrating the most commonly performed tasks with each zero–cost software • Gives you choices and the ability to make your own decisions for your own needs and requirements Before you go buy that $900 dollar computer and that $400 office suite—or worse, before you “borrow” it from work—stop! Let this inexpensive book show you how to save hundreds of dollars in expensive software, and never depend on the big PC providers and their tech support again. Learn all about cheap, but fast hardware, find out about the free tools that the digerati use to make their lives better, and stop paying out the nose. Don't spend a dime! What you’ll learn • Source, buy, and put together the best hardware to make a cheap PC optimized for Ubuntu Linux. • Find and install the best zero–cost software available. • Learn about software as a service and take advantage of photo editing, calendaring, e-mail, and other functionality delivered at no cost via the Web. • Harness the power of OpenOffice and Google Apps for your word processing, spreadsheet, presentation needs. • Communicate with your friends through zero–cost voice calls, e-mail, and instant–messaging. • Establish a presence on the Web through blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook. Who is this book for? Ubuntu on a Dime: Building a Ubuntu PC on Less Than $300 is aimed at students, small–business owners, retirees, educators, and just plain regular folk who aren’t blessed with large budgets, who must squeeze a dime’s worth of value from every penny they earn. Buy this book if: • You’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars with commercial PC suppliers only to end up paying all over again in time and lost resources as you get caught in “tech support hell.” • You’re a computer whiz who has to set up other people’s machines. • You are a student or retiree on a budget. • You are a small–business owner needing the power of technology, but without the expense. • You want to save money and have fun at the same time.



eyeOS | Web Desktop - Web OS - Web Office - your files and applications everywhere

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eyeOS is an Open Source Platform designed to hold a wide variety of Web Applications over it. eyeOS was thought as a new definition of Operating System, where everything inside it can be accessed from everywhere. Just open your browser and point it to your eyeOS Server. Log in and you will access your Desktop, with your applications, documents, music, movies... just like you left it last time. Read more...

oracle grid computing

For years, when you needed more computing capacity, you bought more expensive computers. Now, with the Oracle Grid, add capacity on demand with one inexpensive PC server at a time for superior scalability and fast ROI. And if one department needs more capacity, use Oracle software to borrow it from another while the grid just keeps running. The Oracle Grid. Runs faster. Costs less. And never breaks. Get the Most out of Your Oracle Grid The grid computing technologies developed by Oracle including: Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware Clustering, Automatic Storage Management and Enterprise Manager Grid Control enable customers to fully exploit low-cost, industry standard hardware and storage. Oracle VM is a related and complementary technology that enhances the benefits of deploying low-cost hardware by combining the ability to virtualize within as well as across x86 and x86-64-based servers. Together, Oracle's grid computing technologies and Oracle VM deliver a complete virtualization solution for the data center. You can maximize IT cost savings while at the same time improving IT agility and ease-of-management by following these steps: standardize, virtualize, consolidate, and automate. Learn more about Oracle Grid Products. Learn more about Oracle Next Generation Data Center.