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09 September 2008 06:15

Cobuild Concordance and Collocations Sampler

Corpus Concordance Sampler The Collins WordbanksOnline English corpus is composed of 56 million words of contemporary written and spoken text. To get a flavour of the type of linguistic data that a corpus like this can provide, you can type in some simple queries here and get a display of concordance lines from the corpus. The query syntax allows you to specify word combinations, wildcards, part-of-speech tags, and so on.

09 September 2008 05:15

Collins - - Home of Collins Reference, Leisure and Lifestyle publishing

The Bank of English® (part of the Collins Word Web) is a collection of modern English language held on computer for analysis of words, meanings, grammar and usage. In linguistics and lexicography such a collection is called a corpus.

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09 September 2008 04:45

Collins - - Home of Collins Reference, Leisure and Lifestyle publishing

We are pleased to confirm that, as from 1st January this year, Thomson ELT are exclusive promoters and distributors in Europe and the UK for Collins COBUILD Dictionaries. For full information, please contact your local Thomson ELT distributor or representative or email If you are interested in the English language - especially if you are a teacher or a learner of English - then these Web pages are for you. The Collins Cobuild team works with a huge database of modern English text, called a corpus. This allows us to analyse language usage: word meaning, grammar, pragmatics, idioms and so on. Cobuild: a brief introduction Collins Cobuild books and resources are designed as reference tools for learners of English. Throughout the 1980s, using the computational corpus-based approach to language analysis developed by Professor John Sinclair at the University of Birmingham, Collins Cobuild built up a large corpus of modern English, software tools to manipulate and analyse the corpus data, and a team of specialist corpus linguists and lexicographers. The current corpus, known as the Bank of English® (part of the Collins Word Web), runs to hundreds of millions of words of English text from British, US, Australian and Canadian sources (including textbooks, novels, newspapers, guides, magazines, and websites). The corpus has been automatically word-class tagged, and a 200-million-word corpus has been parsed. The Bank of English® is updated and added to on a regular basis to make ensure that this resource is as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. If you wish to have access to a large English corpus for research and teaching purposes, you can subscribe to our WordbanksOnline service. Idiom of the Week and Wordwatch The Bank of English WordbanksOnline