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February 2009 Woodys Fishing Hole: Files

A fishing game for young children. A simple educational game for kids up to 6 years old. Young toddlers can match colors then move up to letters and numbers. Older kids can practice the names of colors and/or simple objects and practice math.

June 2008

schoolsplay - FRESHMEAT

Schoolsplay is a collection of educational activities for children. Schoolsplay resembles the approach taken by the Childsplay and Gcompris projects but is designed to be less like a collection of games. Because it's aimed at schools, it also provides data collection to produce reports about a child's results per activity. The data will be accessible to the teacher by means of an admin module. The design is modular and the activities and skins are grouped in packages

Welcome to the schoolsplay project What's schoolsplay "schoolsplay" is a new project based on childsplay and it will become a program that offers various educational activities and the "fun and games" activities currently found in childsplay. Schoolsplay tries to address the design problems in childsplay by using a more object oriented (OO) design. This will make schoolsplay more robust and scalable as well as allow for easier customization by the user. In addition to the design considerations schoolsplay will also add extensive data collecting, per user, to the various activities. The database used to store this data can be any SQL based database as schoolsplay support all the major databases like SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle. Because the two kind of activities needed a different GUI it was decided to split the activities in two packages. The two packages are named Schoolsplay and Childsplay_sp. Childsplay_sp: This is the program which was released in the past as 'schoolsplay' and it has a number of the childsplay games. This program will eventually get all the games currently found in the 'old' childsplay. The '_sp' suffix is added to differentiate between this childsplay version and the old childsplay program. The package is available for download through the download section. Cognitionplay: This is a variant of Childsplay_sp but tailored to be used in a hospital to treat patients with mental diseases. The differences is mainly in the selection of activities, looks and sounds. The patients would be older or elderly people so the look and feel is less 'childish' than in Childsplay_sp. The development of this variant is done in cooperation with a therapist from a Austrian clinic. The package is available for download through the download section. Schoolsplay: This version uses GTK as it's graphical frontend and is developed to run on the OLPC XO laptop. It will contain many activities that are suitable to be used in classrooms and will provide extensive data collecting and a multiuser environment with passwords. The target is the XO laptop but it will also run on any Python supported platform. The reason for targeting the XO laptop is that the OLPC project donated a laptop to develop an educational program like schoolsplay. More information and XO packages can be found at the OLPC schoolsplay page. Finally I would like to point out that everything in the schoolsplay project is licensed under the GPL version 3. Please keep in mind that Schoolsplay is still beta software. See the sourceforge project page for additional information and contact info.