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13 September 2009 00:30

Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate (book audio)

Cambridge Grammar for First Certificate (book audio) Intermediate to Upper-intermediate This book provides complete coverage of the grammar needed for the Cambridge FCE exam, and develops listening skills at the same time. It includes the full range of FCE exam tasks from the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Use of English papers, and contains helpful grammar explanations and a grammar glossary. Contents 1. Present tenses: Present simple, present continuous, state verbs; 2. Past tenses: Past simple, past continuous, used to (and to be used to), would; 3. Present perfect simple and past simple: Present perfect and past simple, present perfect simple and continuous; 4. Past perfect: Past perfect simple and continuous; 5. Future 1: Present tenses, will, future continuous; 6. Future 2: Going to, future in the past, present after time adverbs, future perfect, to be about to; 7. Adjectives: Comparative and superlative adjectives, position, order, adjectives ending in -ing and -ed; 8. Adverbs: Formation, adverbs and adjectives easily confused, comparative and superlative adverbs, modifiers, position; 9. Questions: Yes / no questions, short answers, question words, question tags, agreeing; 10. Countable and uncountable nouns, articles: Countable and uncountable nouns, a, the and no article, special uses articles; 11. Pronouns and determiners: Possessives, reflexive pronouns, each other etc, there and it, someone etc, all, most and some, each and every, both, neither etc; 12. Modals 1: Use of modals, obligation, necessity; 13. Modals 2: Permission, requests, offers, suggestions, orders, advice; 14. Modals 3: Ability, deduction: certainty, probability and possibility; 15. Passive: Passive, to have something done; 16. Reported speech: Reporting about the past, reporting about the present, verbs used for reporting, questions; 17. Verbs followed by to-infinitive or -ing: Verb + to-infinitive, verb + infinitive without to, verb + -ing, verb + object + to-infinitive, verb + that, adjectives; 18. Phrasal verbs: Meaning and form, verb + preposition, verb + adverb, verb + preposition + adverb; 19. Conditionals 1: Zero, first, second and third conditionals, mixed conditionals; 20. Conditionals 2: Unless, in case, as / so long as, provided that, I wish / if only, it’s time, I’d rather, otherwise / or else; 21. Prepositions 1: Prepositions of place and time; 22. Prepositions 2: Prepositions which follow verbs and adjectives, prepositions to express who, how and why, expressions with prepositions; 23. Relative clauses: Defining and non-defining relative clauses, relative pronouns and prepositions; 24. Linking words 1: Because, as and since, so and therefore, in order to, to + infinitive and so (that), so and such, enough and too; 25. Linking words 2: In spite of and despite, but, although and though, even though and even if, participle clauses, before and after + -ing, when, while and since + -ing.