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30 October 2009 04:15

Installation/FromUSBStick - Community Ubuntu Documentation

* Installation * FromUSBStick Conte├║dos 1. Install Ubuntu from a USB stick 2. Tools for creating bootable USB stick from CD images 1. usb-creator (Windows or Linux) 2. UNetbootin (Windows or Linux) 3. Portable Linux 4. Live USB creator (GUI-based, runs from Live CD) 5. (Command-line shell script, runs from Linux) 6. (Command-line shell script, runs from Linux) 7. liveusb-creator (from Fedora) 3. Creating bootable USB manually 1. Alternate Install (Ubuntu 9.10) 2. After Installing 3. See also 4. Comments and Troubleshooting Install Ubuntu from a USB stick This pages describes how to install Ubuntu by copying the contents of the installation CD to a USB drive (such as a self-contained flash drive or a Memory Stick or SD card reader) and making the USB drive bootable. This is handy for machines like ultra-portable notebooks that do not have a CD drive but can boot from USB media. The main steps are: * Prepare the USB drive * Boot the computer from your USB drive. * Install Ubuntu as you would from a normal boot CD Note: It is highly recommended to use the latest version of Ubuntu to prepare your USB drive. See also the instructions for USB drives from the official Install Guide. If you have downloaded a .img file, please refer to the .img writing documentation Tools for creating bootable USB stick from CD images

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