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August 2008

Live CD - paldo

Here you can download a bootable live CD containing a complete paldo desktop system. You can use it to install or test paldo GNU/Linux or as a bootable rescue system. Have a look at the dependencies of the paldo-live-cd package to get a detailed listing what's included. Default password for the root user is set to "paldo"

August 2007

Linux Bible 2007 Edition: Boot up Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE ... - Belfiglio.NET - by Ricardo Belfiglio

Linux is productive enough to use as your only desktop system and powerful enough to run entire corporate enterprise installations. Get the most out of Linux for your home, small business, or corporate computing needs with this comprehensive reference as your guide. Walk through 16 different Linux distributions, fi

SAM Linux Desktop shows promise

SAM Linux Desktop, an Xfce-fronted distribution based on PCLinuxOS, aims to be a complete and modern desktop operating system. Though it has problems that need to be worked out before it will match the competition, it offers an easy install, a 3-D desktop environment, and a flurry of programs to suit your needs. The SAM install image is actually a live CD with the option to install. I was able to choose my Dvorak layout on boot by pressing F3, and SAM correctly set the layout for the system keyboard as well as the setting under X. Most distributions set one or the other, but rarely both. When SAM booted I ran the installer linked from the desktop. It was an easy, straightforward install with a few simple questions followed by about seven minutes of copying files on my Sempron 2800 with 512MB of memory. One of the things that impressed me about the installer, as small a thing as it may be, was the fact that the keyboard layout selection screen had Dvorak selected for me, reflecting my decision at boot. This is a logical consequence, but few installers take it into consideration. When I booted to my installed system and loaded the skinned Xfce desktop, I decided to run the Install Video Driver shortcut located on the desktop. While it required manual selection of my video card (an Nvidia GeForce 7300GS), the program automatically installed the driver for me and told me to restart X. I decided to try the Activate 3D shortcut next, enabling Compiz-Fusion with full effects. However, when I restarted X and logged in, I got an error that said "'SAM Linux Menu' could not be loaded," and the bottom left SAM menu did not work. There were also no 3-D effects. I tried running it again with xgl instead of native (though my card supports it). This time there was no error when I logged in, but the clock program on the desktop was not displayed, with a gray box covering the area it usually occupied. There were some 3-D effects, such as switching desktops, but it was unusably slow. PARTE ABAIXO DE ONDE VEIO ??? These applications comes with the SAM Linux Desktop 2007 LiveCD: Office Networking & Internet Multimedia - 2.2: * Word Processing * Spreadsheet * Database * Presentations * Web Design * Formula editor * Drawing - Abiword: Word Processing - Gnumeric: Spreadsheet - Dayplanner: Calendar - gLabels: Label Designer - Orage: Calendar - Mozilla Firefox: Web Browser - Opera: Web Browser - Browser-Plugins: Flash, Java, MozPlugger - Sylpheed Claws: E-Mail - Gaim: Multi-Messenger - Xchat: IRC Chat - gFtp: FTP-Client - Liferea: News-Reader - Skype: Internet-Telephonie - Gtk-Gnutella: File Sharing - Chestnut-Dialer: Modem-Connection - VNC: virtual Network Connection - Putty - PyNeighbourhood: Windows-Networks - Exaile: mp3-Player, Internet Radio - Mplayer: Multimedia-Player - gXine: Multimedia-Player - Xmms: mp3-Player - Grip: CD-Ripping - GnomeBaker: CD Burning - Streamtuner: Internet Radio - Realplayer: Multimedia-Player - TV Time: watching TV Graphics Games Accessories - Evince: pdf-Viewer - Gimp: Photo editing - FLPhoto: Photo editing,Viewer - GQview: Picture Viewer - GTKam: Digicam-Tool - Sodipodi: Vector Graphic - Xsane: Scanning - Enigma - FloboPuyo - Frozen Bubble - Gweled - IceBreaker - LBreakout 2 - LMarbles - PySol - Quadra - Supertux - Tower Toppler - Xskat - Gnome Commander: File manager - Mousepad: Notepad - Calculator - Xarchiver: Archiving - Alltray - Appfinder Security/Rescue System programs Other - Firewall - nmap - Gparted - partimage - Testdisk - My-Sys - rkhunter - redo-mbr - PCLinuxOS Control Center - Synaptic Software Manager - Terminal - Midnight Commander - Net Applet - GDM Login Window - Tilda - Gnome-Volume-Manager - Beryl 3d Desktop + Emerald - Wine Windows Emulator - Adesklets + Adesklets Manager - Bluefish Html-Editor


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SAM Linux Desktop is a self-booting live CD containing a complete and modern desktop OS. You don´t have to install it on your harddisk to try it (but if you wish - you can), it runs completely from your cd drive and your RAM. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! After more than half a year without a new SAM disk we are happy to give you a nice Xmas present: SAM 2008 "claw" release candiate 1. Here is the download: klick We wanted to release it as "final", but after such a long time and so much software updates we call it "rc1". We detected only some minor bugs, so there will be no big changes in the final release. What´s new: - SAM uses the newest XFce 4.4.2 as default desktop - SAM now supports around 60 languages out of the box - SAM comes with proprietary Ati and Nvidia drivers on the live cd, and compiz fusion pre-installed - many packages are updated to their newest versions available at the PCLinuxOS repos - OpenOffice was replaced by Gnome-Office (Abiword+Gnumeric) because of disc space limitations - SAM has a new start menu, a "hacked" menu from LinuxMint - the deskbar applet in combination with the tracker search tool gives you a powerful desktop search Note: if you have problems with non-starting SAM menu and deskbar-applet (after killing X or installing the 3rd party video drivers), run "restart XFce4-panel" from the "system" menu. Beside all this, the biggest change is unquestionable the introduction of our own package repositories, basically a slimmed down copy of the PCLinuxOS software source (thanx to Texstar for uncomplicated permission!), enhanced with some new built and some SAM-patched packages. This gives us the possibility to avoid conflicts with PCLOS releated software (i.e. theme packs) and also to make it a bit more easy for normal persons to "not destroy" their SAM desktop by installing the wrong programs (i.e. Nautilus, KDE stuff...). Advanced users who wanna have all the PCLinuxOS packages available still can use the PCLinuxOS software repositories, but wont get full support by our team (because WE use our own sources too). Again many thanks to Texstar and his team at PCLinuxOS and of course to MandrivaLinux for the great work and Server4You for the free server. Now let me come to an end, I wish you all the best and a happy new year, much fun with SAM - and don´t forget the feedback! Hafe fun, Nico