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03 May 2008 13:15

Blam - a simple feed reader for GNOME

Blam - a simple feed reader for GNOME For status on Blam 2.0, you should visit its page. New in 1.8.6 (to be released) * Use the RSSFeed library instead of RSS.NET. * No more crashes whilst updating feeds. (see? that's positive thinking :) * No crashes when the clipboard is empty. * The feed name column resizes when a name is shortened. * The read/unread posts column is aligned to the right. (Bug#321344) * The feed name is ellipsized when needed. (Bug#153566) * Register with the GNOME session (this means it will get restarted if it was running when you logged out if you chose that option). * Add option to refresh all feeds on startup. (Bug#344853) * Add option to mark all posts as read.

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