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Bar do Guto

Rua Comandante Taylor, 60 Ipiranga - SãoPaulo/SP (11) 2309-6809

Bar do Guto

Delíciosas refeições de segunda a sexta-feira. Venha saborear os pratos do cardápio mais caprichado do Ipiranga. COPIADO E COLADO AGORA DE OUTRA page : Rua Comandante Taylor, 60 Ipiranga - SãoPaulo/SP (11) 2309-6809


BOTECO OUZAR ... Cerveja 600ml, churrasquinho, música, ambiente bacana... e mta mulher bonita!

NÓS TE DESAFIAMOS: VENHA OUZAR CONOSCO RUA BOM PASTOR, 2189 - IPIRANGA - SÃO PAULO - SP TEL: 2273-8474 / 8404-7589 / 8303-3881 de quarta a sexta, das 17 h às 02 hs de sábado e domingo, das 16 h às 02 hs e-mail



Tiki Bar TV Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad. Episode 35 - Conspiracy Our little secret. Episode 34 - Mailbag's Revenge Lala spins the bottle. Episode 33 - CCCP Tiki Bar TV for Peoples! Episode 32 - Holiday Special Snow job. Episode 31 - Casino Five knuckle shuffle. Episode 30 - Ice Breaker Frozen assets. Episode 29 - The Wedding Lala takes the cake. Episode 28 - The Play The show must go on. PLAYBILL for The Play Print it up, post it around and send us pictures. Episode 27 - Dingo The lost episode. Episode 26 - Missionary Assume the position. Episode 25 - Blue Hawaiian Johnny Johnny's a little off colour. Episode 24 - Bunnies Lend me your ears. Episode 23 - Red Handed Penetrated by a double agent. Episode 22 - Dry Halloween Boned on the graveyard shift. Episode 21 - Snake Lala sheds her skin. Episode 20 - Son of Internet Dot calm before the storm. Episode 19 - Space Cadet part 2 Lunacy. Episode 18 - Greeki Tiki Some like it Greek. Episode 17 - Space Cadet Galactic peril. Episode 16 - Tongue Twister Lala speaks out of turn. Episode 15 - Legal Ease Penalized at the bar. Episode 14 - Boomerang What comes back must go down. Episode 13 - Skull & Bones No comment. Episode 12 - Holiday Mailbag Tiki mail mayhem. Episode 11 - Volcano Fight fire with fire. Episode 10A - Drinkbot Outtakes You can dress him up but you can't take him out. Episode 10 - Drinkbot Mixologist vs machine. Episode 9 - Red Oktober Red alert for orange vodka. Episode 8 - London Fogcutter A stiff upper lip savors a stiff drink. Episode 7 - Checker Challenge Who will survive the shooter showdown? Episode 6 - Interlude An intermezzo pleases the monkey. Episode 5 - Trader Woody A cursed tiki must be appeased. Episode 4 - Hulla Balloo The tiki bar is a mess and Lala is even worse. Episode 3 - The Trap Door AWOL bartender and relationship woes. Episode 2 - Suffering Bastard A lounge lizard learns a hangover's cure. Episode 1 - Margaritaville Crappy old episode, don't waste your time with this one. -Dr Tiki

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