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14 September 2009 17:45

KPhotoAlbum : Download various versions of KPhotoAlbum

There are many ways how you can obtain KPhotoAlbum: Sources There are versions for KDE4, KDE3 and also some other obsolete versions Binaries There are prebuilt binaries for various versions (KDE4 or KDE3) and various distributions Snapshots We are regularly releasing a snapshots from our development branch. There you can expect bleeding edge features and also undiscovered bugs SVN Bleeding edge repositories. It contains the most current versions. Must have for future developers (even a bug fixes) Please check the Bugzilla for list of open bugs.

KPhotoAlbum : KphotoAlbum's manuals

Documentation There are many great features. Many are really straightforward. The good starting point is to look at this fast overview and to watch these videos Unfortunately we have no up-to-date documentation. If you wish to help us don't hesitate to contact us at IRC or at mailing-lists

20 August 2009 02:15

Software Microsoft original

Benefícios do Windows original Você sabia que sem o Windows® original você corre maior risco de ser infectado por vírus prejudicial ou mal-intencionado que pode causar a perda de informações em seu PC ou comprometer a confidencialidade de suas informações pessoais?

03 July 2009 19:15

Possiventura's Public Webalbums

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Digital photo album, photo organizer software, free photo editing software, slideshow software, and free online photo albums

05 April 2009 04:30 JPhotoAlbum: Files

JPhotoAlbum is a Java desktop application for quick browsing, organizing and commenting digital photographs and publishing the resulting albums as web pages. Albums are saved in XML formatted files which are transformed to HTML with XML stylesheets

05 April 2009 04:15 JPhotoAlbum: Files

You have selected the 1.3.0 release. Please choose the file that best matches your architecture or operating system from the list of files contained in this release.

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