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KPhotoAlbum : Download various versions of KPhotoAlbum

There are many ways how you can obtain KPhotoAlbum: Sources There are versions for KDE4, KDE3 and also some other obsolete versions Binaries There are prebuilt binaries for various versions (KDE4 or KDE3) and various distributions Snapshots We are regularly releasing a snapshots from our development branch. There you can expect bleeding edge features and also undiscovered bugs SVN Bleeding edge repositories. It contains the most current versions. Must have for future developers (even a bug fixes) Please check the Bugzilla for list of open bugs.

KPhotoAlbum : KphotoAlbum's manuals

Documentation There are many great features. Many are really straightforward. The good starting point is to look at this fast overview and to watch these videos Unfortunately we have no up-to-date documentation. If you wish to help us don't hesitate to contact us at IRC or at mailing-lists

Software Microsoft original

Benefícios do Windows original Você sabia que sem o Windows® original você corre maior risco de ser infectado por vírus prejudicial ou mal-intencionado que pode causar a perda de informações em seu PC ou comprometer a confidencialidade de suas informações pessoais? Rad Image: Files

A complete Image editing suite built with java (using j2sdk 1.4 api). It's functionality will rival those of popular desktop publishing and graphic manipulation tools. Rad Image will save images as xml. JPhotoAlbum: Files

JPhotoAlbum is a Java desktop application for quick browsing, organizing and commenting digital photographs and publishing the resulting albums as web pages. Albums are saved in XML formatted files which are transformed to HTML with XML stylesheets JPhotoAlbum: Files

You have selected the 1.3.0 release. Please choose the file that best matches your architecture or operating system from the list of files contained in this release.



UniDream PowerSee (PS) offers highly efficient tools for you to browse your digital photos and windows media files. Its annotation feature has the ability to add comments including fonts, keywords, URL, custom play intervals and transition effects, as well as voice comments. They also give you the ability to search your photos or media files based on their comments and keywords. You can rename, rotate, resize, convert, print and watermark your photos in multiple folders in one step. PS incorporates normal file operations (copy, move, drag and drop), photo enhancements, and web album generator. Read more... Home PowerBatch PowerSee MenuaCD PhotoWatermark Administrator


Para montar o CD de fotos com o PowerSee, acione New Folder na área de criação do disco, à esquerda da tela. Reúna as fotos que deseja na pasta Photo, arrastando e soltando as imagens visualizadas. Para gravar as legendas de voz, acione o botão Anotate, na barra de ferramentas, e use o gravador embutido no programa. Depois, é só mandar o arquivo para o programa de gravação para ter um CD com autorun. O PowerSee também dá conta de renomear, girar, redimensionar e converter fotos para os formatos JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG e TIF e ainda escolher a qualidade do JPG.


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Presenter is an OpenGL-based slideshow viewer with limited support for viewing details of how photos were taken. Numerous 3D and 2D transition effects are provided in this sleek cut down app.

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