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kernel - definition of kernel by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

ker·nel (kûrnl) n. 1. A grain or seed, as of a cereal grass, enclosed in a husk. 2. The inner, usually edible seed of a nut or fruit stone. 3. The most material and central part; the core: "that hard kernel of gaiety that never breaks" Evelyn Waugh.

April 2008

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Now that a few months have passed since the start of the year, it’s time to look back and assess the best and worst acquisitions in the Internet space for 2007. Sure, you can say it’s way too early to make any definitive judgments about such recent deals, but I’m going to do it anyway. Today: the 3 best Internet deals of 2007. Tomorrow: the worst.


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March 2008

gPodder: A media aggregator written in Python/GTK

gPodder media aggregator Distribution packages The preferred way of obtaining gPodder is through the package repositories of your Linux distribution vendor. Command Remarks Debian GNU/Linux aptitude install gpodder see Ubuntu Linux Hardy: aptitude install gpodder Gutsy: package see (Hardy) and (Gutsy) Gentoo Linux emerge media-sound/gpodder maintained by Hanno Böck Fedora Core yum install gpodder maintained by Jeff Spaleta gPodder dependencies (MP3, etc..) FreeBSD pkg_add -r gpodder or cd /usr/ports/multimedia/gpodder make install clean maintained by Chess Griffin User-contributed build files * Slackware Linux: slackmatic build (thanks to Charles Lear) * Crux Linux: Pkgfile (thanks to Mattias Hedenskog) * ArchLinux: PKGBUILD (thanks to enderst)

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