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November 2007

Software and Tweaks - Automatix Wiki

Automatix2 on (K/X)Ubuntu 7.10 i386 (Gutsy) Ubuntu Restricted Extras and Codecs (Includes Sun Java 6 and Adobe Flash 9 plugins for Firefox) iLinux Acrobat Reader Swiftweasel Browser & Plugins Swiftdove Extra Fonts (including MS Fonts, Liberation Fonts) Compression Skype Google Earth dvdrip Firefox MPlayer Plugin Totem Xine Google Picasa Wine w32dvdcodecs nautilus scripts Sun Java 6 JRE/JDK FrostWire (will be added after first update) Openoffice Clipart xdvdshrink checkgmail Songbird Crossover Office Standard 6.1.0 Crossover Office Professional 6.1.0 Devessentials VMware Server (will be added once package is in the gutsy partner repo) Virtualbox (Will be added once a gutsy version is available) Microsoft Office Open XML Converter

August 2007

June 2007

PluginDoc: Linux (x86)

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Mozilla Plugin Support on Linux (x86) * Adobe Reader * Adobe SVG Viewer * Cult3D * Curl Surge * DjVuLibre * Flash Player * FreeWRL * gxine * Java Runtime Environment * LinuxJ2K * mozplugger * mplayerplug-in * Plugger * RealPlayer 10 or Helix Player * CrossOver Office - Run Windows Browser Plugins on Linux