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15 October 2007

Mycroft Project: Sherlock & OpenSearch Search Engine Plugins

Here are the Search Engine Plugins / Search Providers that match your query. Click once on the plugin name to install. The new engine will appear in the search bar shortly.

Extensão | GuiaUbuntuPT

Usem o Wiki o máximo que puderem para vos ajudar. Para facilitar, Usem o SEARCH do Wiki ou a extensão para o Firefox para procurar o que querem. GuiaUbuntuPT Firefox extension - By Kmos. Para Instalar carregar na imagem abaixo

11 October 2007

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Quick Tour This Bookmarks extension enhances the old Firefox bookmarking system with a new set of tools to help you create, manage and search your bookmarks. By importing your old Firefox bookmarks to you will have "all your bookmarks in one place", and your Firefox bookmarks will now be synced with This means that your bookmarks will be instantly accessible both in your Firefox browser and from the website. To access all your bookmarks from another computer simply go to your bookmarks on delicious. Please note that importing your old bookmarks to can sometimes take some time. So if you are still waiting for your old bookmarks to appear in the Menu, don't panic. We will notify you with a pop-up message when the import is complete. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of this powerful new tool.