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02 August 2009 03:45

S. Christian Collins--composer, pianist and technology addict

Why I Use Linux There are many reasons why I use Linux as my primary operating system, but the number one reason is that I simply enjoy using it. As someone who spends a lot of time on a computer, I'm always trying to find new ways to make my work more efficient, and it's easy to get Linux set up just the way I want it with multiple desktops, multi-paned file browsing (Konqueror), highlighted text editing, window color inversion and zoom for late-night reading and much more.

S. Christian Collins--composer, pianist and technology addict

Welcome to the website of S. Christian Collins Home/Bio|Music|SoundFonts|Linux| * About Me * What's New * Talents for Hire * Links About Me picture I am a pianist, composer and technology addict. I have been playing piano since I was four and composing since about six. My dad taught me programming from an early age. Music and technology have pretty much governed my interests ever since. I have a Master's degree in piano performance, and have composed much music over the years. Most of my work has been kept private, or shared only with a select few. I hope to change that with this site. Currently, I can be found teaching at Rhapsody Arts Center and designing virtual instruments for Acoustica (including Mixcraft and Pianissimo).