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07 August 2009 20:45

Getting Started/Set up KDE 4 for development - KDE TechBase

KDevelop This section will explain how to use KDevelop 3.4 to develop KDE 4 applications. If you have any questions, corrections or rants about this section, please post them on the discussion page. [edit] Prerequisites You need at least KDevelop 3.4 for this, which is still a KDE 3 application. Versions lower than 3.4 do not have Qt 4 support among other things. The KDE 4 version of KDevelop is not yet ready for serious development. You can get KDevelop at the KDevelop homepage. Make sure you install KDevelop like all other KDE 3 applications, not with your kde-devel user. You also need the lastest GDB version, which is currently 6.6.0. Note that the GDB version which is shipped with openSuse 10.3 is broken, it constantly crashes when examining variables (which KDevelop does automatically). Use the GDB version from this repository instead. You need to have the kdelibs API documentation locally, which is described in the build instructions. You also need ctags, htdig, htmerge and htsearch. valgrind and callgrind can also be useful. Be sure you followed the steps in the KDE 4 build instructions and have a working KDE 4 environment. Make sure simple KDE 4 applications like Konsole or KWrite can be started from the command line of the kde-devel user without problems. The following steps are all done with the kde-devel user. You need to login as that user by typing su - kde-devel

Development/Tutorials/First program - KDE TechBase

Hello World Tutorial Series Beginner Tutorial Prerequisites C , Qt, KDE4 development environment What's Next Tutorial 2 - KXmlGuiWindow Further Reading CMake

07 August 2009 20:15

Development/Tutorials - KDE TechBase

Tutorials are the fastest way of finding out what KDE will do for you, and how to do it. Here is a list of currently available tutorials for KDE4. Material for KDE3 and KDE2 is available on the bottom of this page. Contents [hide] * 1 Introduction To KDE 4 Programming * 2 Basics * 3 Testing And Debugging * 4 Managing Configuration Data With KConfig * 5 Services: Applications and Plugins * 6 Localization * 7 Documentation * 8 Application Automation and Scripting o 8.1 D-Bus o 8.2 Konqueror o 8.3 Kross o 8.4 KOffice Plugin Tutorials o 8.5 SuperKaramba * 9 Plugins and KParts * 10 Search and Metadata o 10.1 Strigi o 10.2 Nepomuk * 11 Hardware Awareness (Solid) * 12 Privileged Applications (PolicyKit) * 13 Multimedia (Phonon) * 14 Plasma * 15 Communication (Decibel) * 16 Personal Information Management (Akonadi) * 17 Kate / Kwrite * 18 Printing * 19 kioslaves * 20 Get Hot New Stuff * 21 Goya * 22 Other programming languages o 22.1 Python o 22.2 Ruby o 22.3 Shell * 23 Graphics Programming * 24 Using the KDE Games Libraries * 25 Using the KDE PIM Libraries * 26 Other tutorials o 26.1 2D Plotting (KPlotWidget) o 26.2 Spelling and Grammar Checking (Sonnet) o 26.3 Pixmap cache (KPixmapCache) o 26.4 Using MarbleWidget (Marble) o 26.5 Using local SCM for KDE development o 26.6 Kwin effect tutorial (blog) o 26.7 Implementing KSysGuard sensors and adding them * 27 KDE2 and KDE3 Materials

07 August 2009 20:00

Development - KDE TechBase

noframe KDE Architecture Architectural design documents explaining KDE technologies. Related: API Documentation noframe Programming Tutorials Step by step tutorials for KDE development. Related: Development Tools | FAQs noframe Programming Languages Supported programming languages for KDE development. noframe CMake CMake related information. noframe Standards & Guidelines Developer guidelines and technical standards KDE uses. Related: Further Information (links, books, blogs, etc.) noframe Software Engineering Framework Software Engineering tools and processes used by KDE.

07 August 2009 19:45

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