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09 April 2008

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29 March 2008

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create Record New Audio Record your voice right now with our easy browser-based recorder. All you need is a microphone. import Add Audio from the Web Enter the URL of an MP3 that's already hosted somewhere on the Web—we'll build a page around it. Next: Publish Your Audio to the World record Set Up a New Podcast Come up with a title, description, and descriptive keywords for your collection of audio and we'll do the rest.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Radio Tune into Oracle Fusion Middleware Radio to hear about Oracle's middleware product strategy and explore what middleware means to your business. Learn the latest product news and understand how customers are using middleware to realize growth, agility, insight, and reduced risk. Your host for the series is Rick Schultz, Oracle's Vice President of Product Marketing.

gPodder: A media aggregator written in Python/GTK

gPodder media aggregator Distribution packages The preferred way of obtaining gPodder is through the package repositories of your Linux distribution vendor. Command Remarks Debian GNU/Linux aptitude install gpodder see Ubuntu Linux Hardy: aptitude install gpodder Gutsy: package see (Hardy) and (Gutsy) Gentoo Linux emerge media-sound/gpodder maintained by Hanno Böck Fedora Core yum install gpodder maintained by Jeff Spaleta gPodder dependencies (MP3, etc..) FreeBSD pkg_add -r gpodder or cd /usr/ports/multimedia/gpodder make install clean maintained by Chess Griffin User-contributed build files * Slackware Linux: slackmatic build (thanks to Charles Lear) * Crux Linux: Pkgfile (thanks to Mattias Hedenskog) * ArchLinux: PKGBUILD (thanks to enderst)

28 March 2008

Hpodder - Using the hpodder podcast aggregator

hpodder Name hpodder -- Scan and download podcasts Synopsis hpodder [-d] [command] [command_args] Description Podcasting is a method of publishing radio-like programs on the Internet. Through podcasting, almost anyone can produce their own audio program, and publish episodes of it as often or as rarely as they like. To listen to podcasts, you need a program to download the podcast's episodes from the Internet. Such a program is called a podcatcher (or sometimes a podcast aggregator). hpodder is this program. If you'd like to get going RIGHT NOW, skip on down to the Quick Start section. Otherwise, let's take a look at the features of hpodder.


Welcome to hpodder. Hpodder is a tool to scan and download podcasts. Such tools are often called podcatchers. hpodder is a command-line tool for Linux and other POSIX systems (FreeBSD, MacOS X, etc). It is easy to learn and use, has automatic discovery of feed metadata, and can import iPodder settings.


icepodder INDICADO NO SITE DO juice :

25 March 2008

24 March 2008

05 January 2008

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