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08 February 2008

gnuwin -cd

GNUWin II inclui um variado conjunto de programas, ordenados por tipo, completamente livres, e que cobrem um variado leque de utilizações. A lista completa das aplicações, ordenadas por tipo, está disponivel aqui. O Software incluido no projecto GNUWin não é nem shareware, nem freeware, mas sim Software Livre e Software de Código Aberto , para o qual o código fonte está disponivel, e que será sempre livre e gratuito. A maioria dos programas incluidos neste CD estão também disponiveis em sistemas operativos de código aberto, tais como GNU/Linux, BSD's, etc.

Get a WinLibre CD

The Online shop is not ready for the moment. If you want to buy a WinLibre CD, you can send your request by email at this address:

WinLibre - Free Software

ree software is software for which you have the source code and whose license allows this code to be passed on - whether modified or not. The opposite is known as "proprietary" software. However, access to the source code alone does not necessarily mean that software is "free", and free access has nothing to do with free of charge. Thus, free software is not freeware or shareware, and software whose source code is available is not necessarily free. The definition of "free software" refers to the fact that users are free to run, copy, distribute, study, modify and improve the software. More precisely it refers to four types of freedom for the software user : * Freedom to run the program - for whatever use. * Freedom to examine how the program works and adapt it to your needs. This freedom requires access to the source code. * Freedom to redistribute copies. * Freedom to improve the program and publish these improvements - to the benefit of the entire community. This freedom again requires access to the source code.

Winlibre 0.3.1, Free Software for Windows

* WinLibre is a rigorous selection of free, legal software for Windows 98, 2000, XP * WinLibre packages this quality software in a complete and coherent product * WinLibre software meets your essential needs : Office (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation), Internet (web, email, messaging), Multimedia (music, video), Create (drawing, music), Tools (file compression, antivirus) * WinLibre automates and simplifies their installation * WinLibre stands in two versions: a complete autonomous setup (151 MB) and, a mini setup (0.6 MB) which downloads from Internet the selected software at installation time. * After having downloaded and launched Winlibre , choose the software to be installed in a single click. Winlibre will install them for you.

07 February 2008

05 February 2008

04 February 2008


rgbPaint At the beginning of January 2007 Mark Tyler decided to fork version 3.09 of mtPaint to see how easy it would be to create a very basic painting program which could run on the One Laptop Per Child Sugar system.

03 February 2008

02 February 2008

Open Source Living

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Welcome to Open Source Living, an archive of the Web's best Open Source software, applications and references for a zero-cost / top quality digital experience.

29 January 2008

27 January 2008