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14 August 2009 02:15

Kde4-Optimized ORANGE

Kde4-Optimized ORANGE 1.1 GTK 2.x Theme/Style LordVan LordVan - jungle well last visit Jun 4 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Kde4-Optimized ORANGE zoom Kde4-Optimized ORANGE zoom Kde4-Optimized ORANGE zoom Depends on: GNOME 2.x Downloads: 1834 Submitted: Mar 25 2009 Updated: Mar 30 2009 Score: score61a%score 61% good bad good Description: this theme is optimized for widescreen and windows menu on panel (Gnome Menubar) like my screenshot. Follow the link ''GNOME MENUBAR'' for install the menus of windows like macosx. Changelog: Add panel pattern. perform orange metacity theme. Increase menu's icons for a better wiew. License: GPL (kde 4 orange) (Kde4.2 Optimized) (Radial Centered Emerald Theme) (CREDITS: Original Theme) (GNOME MENUBAR: Packages for Ubuntu Fedora and Othe) send to a friend subscription other artwork from LordVan * slashdot it slashdot it * digg it digg it * add commentback Your Ad Here - My - * my profile * my messages * my friends * my groups * my contents STATUS MESSAGE - all messages Social Desktop NEWS - o improvements - we want your ideas! o An

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