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Common Errors in English | Learning English Together

Focussing on the most common errors in English, this book is the easiest way to improve your everyday language skills. Using simple explanations and corpus examples, it uses a thematic approach to steer learners away from the most common pitfalls in English. This invaluable guide is suitable for learners of English wishing to improve their accuracy and avoid the most basic mistakes. The book offers help with Spelling and Punctuation, and covers the major parts of speech in depth. It offers clear guidance on word choice and confusable words. A comprehensive exercise section also reinforces the key points for each thematic section. What’s more, its clear, thematic layout makes information easy to find and understand. Suitable for learners of English with a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English (A2-B2), but who want to improve their accuracy by overcoming the most common mistakes made by non-native speakers of English. File size: 1.5 MB File type: ePUB, MOBI or AZW3

Collins COBUILD Intermediate English Grammar and Practice by Kolektif | Learning English Together

Logically organized, and clearly laid-out in colour, the new edition of the Collins COBUILD Intermediate English Grammar provides a wealth of practice and reference material in one convenient volume. It offers detailed treatment of the important points of English grammar. Its hundreds of practice exercises, plus additional warning notes pointing out potential problems, help learners to understand and use English grammar correctly. A free CD-ROM containing the Intermediate Grammar text, the COBUILD English Usage, and a 5-million word Wordbank, give the learner electronic access to real English.

ดาวน์โหลด Collins Cobuild English Grammar 4th Edition

ดาวน์โหลด Collins Cobuild English Grammar 4th Edition Published on 01-05-2017 | Written by Super User | Print | Email | Hits: 1430 collins ♦Collins Cobuild English Grammar เป็นตำราแกรมมาร์ที่ยอดเยี่ยมมาก อธิบายละเอียดและชัดเจน การวางรูปเล่ม lay-out ก็น่าอ่าน ค้นง่าย ผมเคยนำ 3rd edition (ไฟล์ pdf 945 หน้า) มาฝากนานแล้ว → ♦วันนี้ผมได้ 4th edition (ไฟล์ pdf 1287 หน้า) มาฝาก เป็นฉบับล่าสุดปี 2017 นี้แหละครับ →


Collin Cobuild English Grammar.doc

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