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Solutions Intermediate (Student's Book, Workbook, Teacher's book, Audio, MultiROM) [2008, PDF, mp3, nrg] ::

Solutions Intermediate (Student's Book, Workbook, Teacher's book, Audio, MultiROM) picГод выпуска: 2008 Автор: Tim Falla, Paul A. Davies Издательство: Oxford University Press Формат: PDF, mp3, nrg Качество: Отсканированные страницы Количество страниц: 140+121+143 Аудио: mp3, 112 kbps, 44.1 KHz, 2 channels Описание: A five-level general English course for 14-19 year-olds, who are also preparing for the school-leaving exam. The clear structure and step-by-step approach to communication provides supported language and skills training to get students speaking confidently. Key features * Every lesson has an outcome: the "I can" objective in each lesson gives students an immediate sense of achievement. * Clear lessons mean Solutions is quick to prepare and easy to use. * All school-leaving exam topics and task-types are covered in Solutions. * Maximum support for speaking and writing. Teachers who use Solutions say that "every student spoke!". * Vocabulary Builder and Grammar Builder in the Student's Book provide plenty of extra practice. MultiROM is both a CDROM (containing interactive games) and an Audio CD (containing listening material) on one disk. In your computer - interactive activities to practise all the grammar and vocabulary included in the Student's Book, - Exercises to help improve your writing and listening, - Games to help you revise what you've learned. In your CD player - audio tracks for listening exercises in the Workbook. You can also use the computer (using software such as CD Player or Media Player) to access the listening material, but you will need to 'Exit' the interactive games first. Торрент обновлен 17.04.10, добавлены Workbook и Teacher's book

Tom Hutchinson (English teacher) - Wikipedia

Tom Hutchinson (English teacher) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search For other people named Thomas Hutchinson, see Thomas Hutchinson (disambiguation). Tom Hutchinson is an English teacher and author working with the Oxford University Press, who has taught English in the UK, Germany, and Croatia, and he has been given teacher training courses in many other countries around the world. For a number of years he lectured at the Institute for English Language Education at Lancaster University, UK. Tom Hutchinson has published English language courses well-known and appreciated by many thousands of students around the world: New Hotline, Project, Project English, Lifelines, Lifetime Video, American Hotline, An Introduction to Project Work, Big City and the award-winning Project Video.

Oxford Brasil | Oxford University Press - Brasil

Endereço Oxford University Press Av. Jaguaré, 818 Galpões 30/31 Jaguaré CEP: 05346-000 São Paulo – SP Brazil Telefone: (11) 3613-2244 Fax: (11) 3611-1731 Contato Para informações sobre nossos produtos e serviços, por favor, entre em contato com o representante OUP responsável por sua região ou através dos canais abaixo: E-mail: Tel.: (11) 3613-2244 Trabalhe Conosco E-mail: Distribuidor Por favor, veja nossa página Onde Comprar. Nossa Equipe

English Plus 2 Second Edition: Student Book | Learning English Together

English Plus 2 Second Edition: Student Book Published by: sillco (Karma: 5.56) on Yesterday, 20:16 | Views: 352 Яндекс.Директ Павел Колесов – Официальный сайт! Новый онлайн мастер-класс от Павла Колесова. Для всех тех, кто хочет от жизни все! Павел КолесовОнлайн мастер-класс27 уроков везенияМагнит для мечты 6 Share The second edition contains more engaging content with a wide range of bright, dynamic activities to facilitate students’ learning and development. These include: Puzzles and Games pages Optional Song Lessons More video activities (2 clips per unit and more in Options lessons) Grammar animations Practice Kit providing supplementary online practice Study strategy boxes giving students advice on how to improve Classroom Presentation Tool




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