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March 2018

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Introducing the CEFR Companion Volume - hosted by Brian North - YouTube

Macmillan Education ELT Publicado em 15 de mar de 2018 Hosted by Brian North, this webinar introduces the recently published CEFR Companion Volume with New Descriptors (CEFR/CV) and the new CEFR illustrative descriptor scales that it contains. There will also be a brief overview of the 4-year project that developed the descriptors, including the validation phases in which some 190 institutes and over 1500 people from around the world became involved. The paradigm shift from the ‘four skills model’ of a learner as an individual speaker/hearer to the view in the ‘action-oriented approach’ of the user/learner as a social agent who constructs meaning and concepts in interaction and mediation will be explained. Key aspects of the implications for teaching and learning presented in the CEFR/CV will also be outlined.

August 2008

June 2008

Free Resources - Songs

Songs This section contains songs taken from Songs and Games for Children (David Paul) and 100 Ideas for Children (Jackie Holderness and Annie Hughes), two popular titles from the Macmillan Heinemann Photocopiable Series. You can buy these online from the secure onestopenglish bookshop. The recordings on this website are in MP3 files. If an MP3 player is not installed on your computer, you can download a player free of charge from

Here Comes Super Bus

Here Comes Super Bus Beginner to Intermediate María José Lobo and Pepita Subirà Here Comes Super Bus is a four-level story-based English course with each unit focusing on a central story which is linked to a topic or theme of special interest to children. The activities and tasks are built around the language and content of the story, to suit the specific needs, interests and psychological characteristics of young learners. Children’s interests are centred around themselves and their immediate world. Here Comes Super Bus offers many opportunities for children to talk and exchange information about themselves, their family, their home and their pets. The syllabus for the course provides a balance between topics, activities, tasks and develops vocabulary and language functions which are relevant to children’s communication needs.

Macmillan Education's ELT Resource Sites - free English Language materials for teachers

Macmillan ELT Resource Sites Supporting and enhancing your students' language learning, our resource sites provide free English Language supplementary material to download and use in your classroom. To receive the latest resources direct to your inbox, register for the Macmillan English Update! Get the resources you need - visit the resource sites for the type of English you teach, by clicking on the links below:

Young Children

Young Children Children learn by making and doing, through games, rhymes, songs and movement. Macmillan Education offers a wide range of materials to provide young children with an organized, well-managed, stress-free environment which enables them to develop self-esteem, confidence and competence from the start. New website for Young Learners

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