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Enlightenment - About

About Enlightenment We are dedicated to providing advanced graphical libraries, tools, and environments. Currently, the project is made up of three different components: Enlightenment DR16, Enlightenment DR17, and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. While we are best known for the Enlightenment Window Manager itself there is a long history of providing advanced libraries and tools to support the window manager and other applications, such as Imlib, Imlib2, and FNLib which extend far beyond the window manager itself in scope. Today, in development toward the DR17 Desktop Shell we have created an entirely new set of libraries and tools that provide more power and flexibility than any other group of graphical libraries available, The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Xfce - 4.2

Xfce 4.2 Documentation User Guide * Preface * Introduction * Using Xfce4 * Components of Xfce * Installing Xfce4 * Copyright and License Application Manuals * Panel * Window Manager * Session Manager * Desktop Manager * Utilities and Scripts * Printing Management * Settings Manager * Settings Manager Plugins * Filemanager * Application Finder Developer Documentation * libxfce4util * libxfce4mcs * libxfcegui4 * libexo

Xfce - Artwork

Xfce Artwork You can download the Xfce Artwork Tarball here. It contains some high-quality logos and banners.

Xfce - Features

Xfce Features Xfce provides a lightweight desktop environment with a desktop manager drawing a wallpaper and allowing you to have icons on your desktop, a panel with numerous plugins, a standard compliant window manager with a compositing manager, a settings manager to customize your desktop environment, a modern and easy to use file manager and a session manager which allows you to save the current session, autostart applications, shutdown, reboot, suspend or hibernate your computer. Xfce also provides common applications, designed for the best user experience. Among those applications are: a text editor, a sound mixer which supports multiple sound cards, an application finder to launch your applications in an easy way, an image viewer, a modern terminal emulator, an iCal based calendar to manage events and appointments and a CD and DVD burning application. Many additionnal features are also provided by the Goodies project: a Web browser, plugins for the panel and the file manager, standalone applications such as a dictionnary, a tasks manager, a power manager, a screenshooter, a notification daemon..



The KOffice Project - Download KOffice

Download KOffice Information KOffice is currently available as version 1.6.3 designed to run with KDE 3.3 or later. KOffice is released separately from the rest of KDE, so KOffice releases are not in sync with those of KDE. If you wish to use a newer development version, then you will need to compile from source.

kde office- koffice

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KOffice - Integrated Office Suite KOffice is a free, integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. KOffice 1.6.3 is the current official KOffice release. Please see the release notes for further details.

kde download

You Are About to Download... When you click one of the mirror links below you will be redirected to the download you have just selected.

Fluxbox FAQ

1. What is the "Slit"? 2. How do I make my menus transparent? 3. I've set a transparency value, but nothing is transparent?! 4. How do I add fluxbox to my KDM sessions menu. 5. How do I add fluxbox to my GDM sessions menu. 6. How do I add fluxbox to my sessions menu in Fedora. 7. How do I set my background? 8. HEEEEEEEEELLLPPPPP! I don't understand Tabs! 9. Why does my application (e.g. xmms, mplayer) pause when I move a window? 10. I keep hearing about these Artwiz fonts! What gives? 11. Is there a way to have slit dockapps be in a certain order? 12. How do I change the toolbar Time format? 13. How do i launch apps automatically on Fluxbox startup? 14. All right, so how do I lay out my script? 15. Is there another way to do things? 16. Can I have an example of these startup files? 17. I make changes to my ~/.fluxbox/init, but they are gettingoverwritten. 18. Can I use my existing .blackboxrc for Fluxbox? 19. Can I use blackbox styles (themes) with Fluxbox? 20. How about Waimea and Openbox themes? 21. Is there KDE support? 22. Is there GNOME support? 23. BBtools won't copy my current style settings, even after restart! 24. Gtk2/Gnome2 applications look wired under Fluxbox, but they look ok when gnome is started 25. How to make cool terminal? 26. How to display logs on root window? 27. Where can see examples of dotfiles (configuration files)? 28. Fluxbox 0.9.6 is slow.... 29. How can I put Fluxbox logo onto slit? 30. Where can I find Fluxbox logo (and graphics, icons, banners, etc?)


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What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment. What is Enlightenment?. Some people affectionately refer to Enlightenment as E because typing or saying the whole word is a bit of a mouthful. Early in its history, which began back in 1996, E was just a window manager for X11. Since then, E has now become much more. In the process of building the next generation of the window manager, we have created a suite of libraries for doing data storage and retrieval, scene-graph rendering with a canvas, theme encapsulation, compiling and demand-loading, event loop, inter-process communication, specification handling, virtual machines, video codec abstractions, widget sets, and more.

SuSE Linux 10.0 Live DVD (32bit)

Uma distribuição ideal para jogar. Estabilidade e cuidado bem acabados! Existem duas versões de SuSE Linux: EVAL e OSS. A primeira é baseada em aplicativos propritários equanto a outra se baseia em programas de código abrto. Aqui temos a versão EVAL, com sua modalidade LiveCD otimizada para o uso de KDE (apesar de permitir o uso de Gnome, IceWM, WindowMaker, XFCE...). Aquim podemos encontrar programas como Mozilla Firefox, Gaim, Gimp, o gravador de CD e DVD K3B, o, o cliente de correio eletrônico Thunderbird... Oferece ainda uma enorme quantidade de documentação com cada uma de suas novas versões. Seu cuidadoso aspecto e o suporte multimídia são sufientes para convencer o usuário mais exigente

KDE Four Live CD

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Description The CD contains all modules of KDE 4, KOffice 2 SVN and Amarok 2 SVN. The week 24 snapshot is rather broken: you have to manually start kwin via Alt-F1 -> System -> Terminal and applications may not start from the panel, run them from that terminal. Checksums 029d80aeb4d0fc15c27a06f4f74ed1d5 KDE-Four-Live.i686-0.1.0.iso 31ddb10250a41377ebbeafbf45463ca3 KDE-Four-Live.i686-0.1.1.iso Usage (Decompress and) burn, or use in QEmu, VirtualBox, VMWare, ... Users Password for 'root' is 'linux' Password for 'linux' is 'linux' More Information

fluxbox themes

Here is the section were you'll be able to get the latest spiffy fluxbox themes as well as the ones that is shipped in the tarball (if you somehow lost or removed them). Submit Fluxbox Themes Please, do not send us themes you made anymore. Instead submit them at Default Fluxbox Styles Artwiz, Carbondioxide, CleanColor, Flux, MerleyKay, Nyz, Outcomes, Rancor, Shade, TDF, qnx-photon, Blue, Clean, Cthulhain, Makro, Minimal, Operation, Rampage, Results, Spiff, Twice :download / 7.93 KB

xfce pt_BR

Sobre o Xfce "Xfce é um ambiente de desktop leve para vários sistemas *NIX. Projetado para ser produtivo, ele carrega e executa as aplicações rapidamente, enquanto conserva os recursos disponíveis do sistema." - Olivier Fourdan, criador do Xfce Xfce 4.4 incorpora a filosofia tradicional de reutilização e modularidade do UNIX. Ele consiste de um número de componentes que juntos fornecem a funcionalidade completa para o ambiente de desktop. Eles são empacotados separadamente e você pode selecionar os pacotes disponíveis para criar o melhor ambiente de trabalho personalizado.

xfce tour

A Visual Tour of Xfce 4.4.0 As of today, the long awaited version 4.4.0 of the Xfce Desktop Environment is finally available. I will try to highlight some of the new features which have been added since the last stable release.

xfce download

Download Stable version (4.4.3) Most distributions ship with Xfce. But if you want a newer version or you want to build Xfce from scratch, you can find the packages below. You can also take a look at a list of Xfce-oriented distributions here.


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About Xfce "Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources." - Olivier Fourdan, creator of Xfce Xfce 4.4 embodies the traditional UNIX philosophy of modularity and re-usability. It consists of a number of components that together provide the full functionality of the desktop environment. They are packaged separately and you can pick and choose from the available packages to create the best personal working environment

Getting GNOME 2.18

Getting GNOME 2.18 LiveCD and Disk Images for Virtual Machines To download and preview the latest version of GNOME, try our easy LiveCD. Download, burn, and reboot - Without touching your current system, it just shows you the latest and greatest in GNOME and beyond. You can alternatively download a disk image, and launch GNOME in a virtual machine using your favorite virtualization software. You don't even have to leave your current system to try out GNOME! The LiveCD and the disk images contain all of our supported languages. * Download the LiveCD or disk images.