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03 June 2008 19:15

Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk

Lesson 113. Asking for Help. May 22nd, 2008 Listen to four situational dialogs in this lesson and learn the new vocabulary. This lesson includes: asking where a toilet, a public phone, a bank are and telling the taxi driver to drive you to the emergency room of a hospital. It’s going to be a good review, plus some new and very useful vocabulary and expressions.

03 June 2008 19:00

Chinese (Mandarin) - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

Chinese (Mandarin) From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection (Redirected from Chinese) Welcome to the Chinese wikibook, a free Chinese textbook on the Standard Mandarin dialect. This page links to lessons using simplified characters (used in mainland China and Singapore). There is also a Traditional Character Version available (used in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong). Note: To use this book, your web browser must first be configured to display Chinese characters Development stage: 50% (as of Jan 24, 2005). If the characters in the grey box below appear as blank boxes or garbage such as \ufffd?\ufffd?\U0010fffe, it is not properly configured

03 June 2008 18:30

Learn Chinese

Learning Chinese 中文学习 Enter the classroom Learn how to read, write and speak Chinese. Free online lessons. Classroom Login Support us by becoming a member. The membership fee is only $10 a year. Help us build a better site, send us your comments, suggestions and mistakes you find. One-on-One Online Chinese Tutoring Talk to your native Chinese tutor now. Read and Learn Annotated readings for beginners. Other resources. Dictionary China Travel Guide Virtual China Tour Plan your travel or take a virtual tour. Learn the culture, people, geography, and martial arts. 每日一語 One Sentence A Day Shop for All Things Chinese

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