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26 June 2007 14:15

26 June 2007 13:45

damn small linux

The Damn Small Linux $1 Challenge* EU AQUI COM O damn small linux

26 June 2007 12:00

enlightenment livecd

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Elive is a complete operating system for your computer. It's the perfect choice for replacing your proprietary, high-cost system. It is built on top of Debian GNU/Linux and customized to meet your needs for a complete operating system while still offering the user eye-candy with minimal hardware requirements.


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What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment. What is Enlightenment?. Some people affectionately refer to Enlightenment as E because typing or saying the whole word is a bit of a mouthful. Early in its history, which began back in 1996, E was just a window manager for X11. Since then, E has now become much more. In the process of building the next generation of the window manager, we have created a suite of libraries for doing data storage and retrieval, scene-graph rendering with a canvas, theme encapsulation, compiling and demand-loading, event loop, inter-process communication, specification handling, virtual machines, video codec abstractions, widget sets, and more.

26 June 2007 10:45

N3RD3X Ideias Livres

Gnome-ntfs-config Experiencia com o Solaris 10 Instalando o Enlightenment E17 no (K/X)Ubuntu

26 June 2007 09:45

Repositories - Community Ubuntu Documentation

If you have been a Windows and/or a Mac OS user to date, you are probably used to searching for a program on the internet (often offered in an executable installer) and having to download and install it. You're probably familiar with software distributed on CDs, DVDs, etc. which often have an autorun feature from where you can then install them. For free and open systems like Ubuntu GNU/Linux there is some software distributed in this fashion, but those are mostly proprietary and closed programs.

26 June 2007 07:45

Open Workbench

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Open Workbench is an open source Windows-based desktop application that provides robust project scheduling and management functionality and is free to distribute throughout the enterprise. When users need to move beyond desktop scheduling to a workgroup, division or enterprise-wide solution, they can upgrade to CA's Clarity™ system, a project and portfolio management system that offers bidirectional integration with Open Workbench.

Ubuntu :: the How-To Geek

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Many How-tos for Ubuntu!

26 June 2007 07:30


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GanttProject is a free and easy to use Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool. Our major features include: * Task hierarchy and dependencies * Gantt chart * Resource load chart * Generation of PERT chart * PDF and HTML reports * MS Project import/export * WebDAV based groupwork

virtualbox downloads

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VirtualBox binaries ¶ The VirtualBox binaries are available free of charge for personal and evaluation use. By downloading from the below links, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL). VirtualBox 1.4.0 for Windows Hosts VirtualBox for OS X Hosts (Beta 1; Intel Macs only) VirtualBox 1.4.0 for Linux Hosts:

26 June 2007 07:00

planet ubuntu linux

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Planet Ubuntu is a window into the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors. If you are an Ubuntu Member, and would like your blog aggregated here, please see the PlanetUbuntu wiki page. Updated on June 26, 2007 06:49 AM UTC. Entries are normalised to UTC time. Ubuntu

26 June 2007 06:45

26 June 2007 06:15

GIMP para iniciantes

Foi com um enorme prazer que eu recebi a notícia sobre o projeto Vídeo curso completo - GIMP para iniciantes, lançado por meu bom amigo Antônio “LedStyle” Cláudio! Em apenas 10 aulas (por vídeo), você aprenderá a utilizar o GIMP em 10 aulas simples, em bom Português! Eu assisti a primeira aula, e fiquei imensamente satisfeito com o produto final. O “LedStyle” e eu já “trabalhamos” juntos nos antigos podcasts do Planeta Ubuntu, e minha admiração por sua pessoa cresce a cada dia que passa. GIMP VIDEO CURSO - GIMP AULAS

26 June 2007 06:00

PHP 5.2.3 Released

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What is PHP? PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. If you are new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, try the introductory tutorial. After that, check out the online manual, and the example archive sites and some of the other resources available in the links section. Ever wondered how popular PHP is? see the Netcraft Survey.

25 June 2007 23:00

Open Source Guy

Você quer aprender a traduzir os programas do Linux? » Elvis visto brincando com o BillReminder » Vídeo Aula - Aprenda a utilizar o Gimp em 10 aulas simples » Outro post sobre um Gtk.TreeView genérico » Gerador Genérico de Gtk.TreeView » A Insustentável Leveza do Ser » Problemas usando o PyPanel no Ubuntu? » Openbox 3.4.2 e ObConf 2.0.1 lançados » E para você que vai viajar… » Panela velha é que faz comida boa! » GIMP AULAS - AULAS GIMP

25 June 2007 21:15

Knoppix Linux

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EU AQUI COM ACADEMIA Knoppix is a Live Linux CD based on Debian GNU/Linux This website is about Knoppix, a Free and Open Source Live Linux CD. Knoppix is a GNU/Linux distribution that boots and runs completely from cd. It includes recent linux software and desktop environments, with programs such as, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror, Mozilla, Apache, PHP, MySQL and hundreds of other quality open source programs. If you would like to learn more about Knoppix, you could look at the FAQ's and Documentation, discuss it in the forums, or just try it out! You can download it ( 700MB ) or buy it from a CD distributor, on the download / buy page. is a resource for users, developers, and testers of Knoppix. The official website for Knoppix is on Klaus Knopper's website, at

25 June 2007 21:00


EU AQUI COM ACADEMIA Willkommen bei Kanotix!

25 June 2007 20:45


EU COM ACADEMIA AQUI !!! sidux is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Debian's most modern branch (called "Sid") and many free and open source applications.

25 June 2007 18:15

knoppix knopper

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Dinge". Am Samstag, 2.6.2007 halten Adriane und Klaus Knopper gemeinsam einen Vortrag über das ADRIANE-Projekt, eine GNU/Linux Distribution, die sich ohne Monitor mit Hilfe einer Sprachausgabe fürs Arbeiten und Surfen verwenden lässt, und die zum Ziel hat, auch für Computer-Anfänger ohne Linux-Kenntnisse geeignet zu sein. EU NO KNOPPIX !!!

25 June 2007 17:30

openSUSELiveDVD 10.2 download mirrors

openSUSELiveDVD 10.2 31.589 downloads 1,08gb 1 ISOs atualizado em 08/Dez/2006 Publicado por SuSE Linux Escolha um dos mirrors para download: ISO 1 1,08gb openSUSE-10.2-GM-DVD-i386.iso :: 44 mirrors disponíveis

damn small linux download

FTP directory /pub/linux/distributions/damnsmall/ at Para exibir este site FTP no Windows Explorer, clique em Página e em Abrir Site FTP no Windows Explorer.