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Keeping Living Documentation Alive with SPARX Enterprise Architect

One of the most powerful side effects of the SPARX Enterprise Architect document publishing tools is that it enables the team to keep project documentation alive and current.


Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA)

This Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect is intended to make creating a development case easier and more of a visual process.


Thinking Software Development Process Implementation is Free means the Blind are Leading the Blind, but there are Ruby Slippers that may Help.

What makes people think a Software Development Process can be implemented in an organization at no upfront cost (including time and money)? Of course the number one culprit is lack of experience. The inexperienced have no understanding of what is involved in process engineering, and they usually have the belief that process is a luxurious overhead that is only to be thought about when there is complete downtime or during hours above billable hours.

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