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Sparx Systems Releases Enterprise Architect 12

There is only one tool I have open more than Xcode, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Android Studio, that tool is Sparx Enterprise Architect.


Sparx Enterprise Architect 11 Released - For Software, Business, and Systems

For years now, Sparx Enterprise Architect has been the one software package I insist having on all my projects. It doesn't matter if the projects are mobile iOS and Android, .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API, Enterprise or Software Architecture modeling, SPEM (Software Process Engineering Metamodel) modelling, or a SPLE (Software Product Line Engineering) project, Sparx Enterprise Architect is my go to tool.


Sparx Systems releases Enterprise Architect 10

Sparx has release a new version of Enterprise Architect. This tool is by far the best software engineering tool available on the market today. I have been using it as my primary tool for Enterprise and Software Architecture for years now. If you have never checked it out, now is as good as time as any.

Sparx Systems has released Enterprise Architect 9.3 which includes ArchiMate 2.0

Sparx Enterprise Architecture is my tool of choice for software architecture, design, project management, and project planning. This new version offers some really great new features.

Building Enterprise Systems with Open Distributed Processing Book Review

This is a very well put together book. I highly recommend this book to the software and enterprise architect looking to improve their modeling and design skills.


Keeping Living Documentation Alive with SPARX Enterprise Architect

One of the most powerful side effects of the SPARX Enterprise Architect document publishing tools is that it enables the team to keep project documentation alive and current.

Software Product Line Engineering Resource Kit

I recently decided to update the Product Line Engineering Assets I reuse from project to project. In the past I reused a baseline project that contained a folder structure and the UML stereotypes needed to do Use Cases, Feature, and Static Modeling.

New SPARX Enterprise Architect Learning Resources

SPARX has put up two new sites with new learning resources. They are both worth checking out.

Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modelling, Communication and Analysis Book Review

If you want to learn how to do Enterprise Architecture modeling, this book is for you. The book covers the Archimate language in detail.

SPARX Enterprise Architect 9 has been released!!!

EA is still my tool of choice for architecting and designing systems. The new architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010 are very nice reverse engineering tools, but the UML tools are still to primitive to be considered for real world architecture.

SPARX EA Version 9 Beta 1 and MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2010 Version 4.5 Released

SPARX has released release of MDG Integration for Visual Studio Version 4.5. Version 4.5 introduces support for Visual Studio 2010. They have also released Enterprise Architect Version 9 Beta 1.



Visio Link v 1.5 for SPARX EA Released

Sparx Systems announced the latest release of the free Visio Importer, version 1.5.

Enterprise Architect 7.5 beta 1 Available

This major release includes a huge number of new features, enhancements and performance boosters. In addition, three new Enterprise Architect editions featuring advanced code generation from executable UML models, bundled tools and technology frameworks provide a powerful, cost-effective solution for advanced business, systems and software development.....


Sparx EA 7.1 beta 2 and MDG Link 3.5 beta 1 for VSTS 2008 Available

Sparx has released Enterprise Architect 7.1 beta 2 and MDG Link 3.5 beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008.

Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA)

This Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect is intended to make creating a development case easier and more of a visual process.

Cool Links IV- .NET 3.5, Architecture, AJAX, UML, EPF, Patterns, GOF, VSTS 2008, WPF, Silverlight, SQL 2008, XAML

This is the fourth installment of cool links. It includes links on .NET 3.5, Architecture, AJAX, UML, EPF, Patterns, GOF, VSTS 2008, WPF, Silverlight, SQL 2008, XAML, SPARX EA, Visio, Seam Carving, New Books, FXCop, etc.

SPARX Enterprise Architecture (EA) 7.1 - Beta 1 and UPDM Available

SPARX has released Enterprise Architecture 7.1. They have also released MDG Technology for UPDM (The UML Profile for DoDAF/MODAF).

Web Application Extension (WAE) ASPX Patterns for SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA)

We have added a new download to the Software Process Engineering site. WAE ASPX Patterns. They are UML patterns created using SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA) and they are indented to be used with the Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile.


Eclipse Process Framework Process Mapping UML Profile for SPARX EA

This is a new UML Profile used to map and plan the contents of a custom built Eclipse Process Framework Plug-in.

New Real World Software Process Engineering Web Site

The new blog category "Software Process Engineering" on this blog site is dedicated to news and updates that take place on our new web site "Real World Software Process Engineering".

Sparx Systems releases MDG Technology for Zachman Framework beta

This latest addition to the MDG Technology series underpins the organizational viewpoints and structures of the Zachman Framework with great depth, breadth and modeling integrity.

SPARX Enterprise Architect Add-in: SpEAd (formerly EA Utilities)

An add-in for Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems to improve productivity, particularly when maintining existing diagrams.

Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Project, SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA), and ALM Enablement

A problem that I see with a lot of process instances (RUP, OpenUP, etc.) is that the templates provided are static word documents. I know that has been par for course over the years, but SPARX EA gives us a better option for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Enablement.