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Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right Book Review

The Volere Requirement Process described in this book can be used with any process. Every process needs to gather requirements.


Requirements Engineering: Fundamentals, Principles, and Techniques Book Review

It is not common to see a book like this come out in today’s technical book market, or for that matter in any era of the technical book market.


Requirements Engineering: From System Goals to UML Models to Software Specifications Book Review

This is not for the happy go lucky requirements gatherer. It is a detailed breakdown of everything requirements engineering for software intensive systems. It will make you think.


Environmental Constraints, Business Requirements, and Implementation Details

Environmental constraints often play a big part in an application's architecture. Although we like to pretend the slate is wide open with possibilities for implementing users requests, it would be naïve to ignore the technical, political, and user environment constraints always present on any decent size project....

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