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June 2012

Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise Book Review

This book is a smorgasbord of mobile information. I purchased and printed the Rough Cuts version as soon as it came out. This book saved me tons of time getting up to speed with the latest information on the mobile world.

Head First C Book Review

I highly recommend this book to anyone who what to get into C programming or Objective-C programming.

May 2012

I gave up my MSDN Subscription for a 2012 Macbook Pro

Over all Microsoft has done nothing but deliver disappointment after disappointment over the past couple of years and I don't see them changing their current direction.

How Google Tests Software Book Review

Over all I found this book very educational and very entertaining!!!

Elemental Design Patterns Book Review

This book is a book I wish I had 15 years ago to help me put the basics of programming into their proper context. Learning how to make use of patterns over the years would have been much simpler had I read this book first.

April 2012

The Scrum Field Guide: Practical Advice for Your First Year Book Review

This is one cool book. If you are starting to use Scrum, read it. If you are using Scrum, read it. If you are just wondering what Scrum is all about, read it.

Designing Silverlight Business Applications: Best Practices for Using Silverlight Effectively in the Enterprise Book Review

Read this book. The author does a great job of showing us what we should be doing today with LOB application architecture and development.

Java Application Architecture: Modularity Patterns with Examples Using OSGi Book Review

Finally someone has put the most important software architecture practices into words. Within this book lies the concepts that are the heart of true agility.

Programming iOS 5: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development Book Review

If you are an iOS 5 developer, you owe it to yourself to buy this book and keep it at arms length!!!

Software Engineering Best Practices: Lessons from Successful Projects in the Top Companies Book Review

This is one of those books that should be read by every person with a relationship to IT. Testers, CIOs, CFOs, developers, architects, project managers, and agilists will benefit from this book. I highly recommend reading it. You will come out the back end of it with a complete new perspective on Software Engineering.

C# 4.0 The Complete Reference Book Review

Get the Complete Picture of C# 4.0. All in all I highly recommend this book to every C# developer!!!

Why is Scrum so widely adopted and so very dangerously deceptive

Just because it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn’t mean it’s a duck

March 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Book Review

All in all if you are building SQL Server 2102 Reporting Services Reports, or if you are interested in learning how to, you owe it to yourself to get this book.

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed Book Review

All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants the complete picture of all the features BizTalk 2010 has to offer.

Sparx Systems has released Enterprise Architect 9.3 which includes ArchiMate 2.0

Sparx Enterprise Architecture is my tool of choice for software architecture, design, project management, and project planning. This new version offers some really great new features.

SharePoint Designer 2010 Unleashed Book Review

This book is about so much more than just the SharePoint Designer. It gives a great overview of SharePoint 2010's architecture, covers how to make modifications in the browser, goes deep into security details, covers new and depreciated site templates, working with the ribbon, CSS, XSLT, Business Connectivity Services, data controls, workflows, InfoPath, and more!!!

February 2012

The CERT Guide to Insider Threats: How to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Information Technology Crimes Book Review

Over all I think every single person that has anything to do with IT should read this book. Even if you don't deal with sensitive data, you are at risk for sabotage.

Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum Book Review

This book down to earth does not just regurgitate Scrum practices, it provides tons of advice and examples from past experience. The book is for all levels of individuals and teams involved with or thinking about getting involved with Scrum.

Warning about Pro Silverlight 5 in C# Publishing Issue - NO COLOR

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Pro Silverlight 5 in C# is not printed in color. The cover has the full color inside advertisement, but the book I received today is only in black and white. I have contacted the author and the publisher and will update this post as I receive feedback.

January 2012

XAML Developer Reference Book Review

Perfect for those looking to get into WPF, Silverlight, or XAML for Windows (Windows 8) development.

Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation Book Review

I highly recommend this book to everyone in the business of building software. Before you attempt to automate your testing, read this book!