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.NET Architecture and Development Book Recommendations for 2012

Another year has gone by. Happy New Year everyone. It is time to update my book recommendation blog. There have been a ton of books come out this year both good and bad.



Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2.

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2 which includes Microsoft Test Manager to capture and playback action recordings for Silverlight 4 applications.

In the Box – MVVM Training

In the Box is a high quality, multi-media training that is consumed within Visual Studio 2010. Content is navigated and delivered using a next generation computer based training (CBT) experience, the Visual Studio 2010 Feature Extension.

Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 Book Review

This is a pretty sweet book. There are a ton of features in Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010. This book does a great job of covering all of them that are related to Application Lifecycle Management.


Visio Link v 1.5 for SPARX EA Released

Sparx Systems announced the latest release of the free Visio Importer, version 1.5.

Tool for Reverse Engineering ASP.NET to Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile in SPARX Enterprise Architect

We have added a new download to the Software Process Engineering Web site which is used to reverse Engineering ASP.NET applications to the Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile in SPARX Enterprise Architect.


Will the Microsoft VSTS 2010 Architecture UML tools be used by the Development Community?

As happy as I am to see them going with UML, I am hoping the grapevine is wrong, and that the tools are not exclusively for the VSTS 2010 Architecture versions. I am afraid if that is the case, they won't be getting used very much at all. At least not in the environments I have been in lately. .....

.NET Architecture and Development Book Recommendations

We have updated our .NET Architecture and Development Book Recommendations page on the Real World Software Process Engineering site. We have posted a version of what is there in this blog. We will however only make updates to the page on the SPE website.


WAE UML Stereotypes, Stencils, Templates, and ASP.NET Patterns for Visio

Over the past couple years I have been using Sparx EA for my UML documentation. In the past I have used Visio extensively. I have noticed quite a few people searching for the Web Application Extension (WAE) for UML lately. I have uploaded the templates that I used in the past.

Product Line Engineering (PLE) UML Modeling Profile in Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA)

Product Line Engineering is at the heart of Microsoft's Software Factory movement. Although we have benefited greatly from the release of the Mobile Client Software Factory, the Smart Client Software Factory, the Web Client Software Factory, and the Web Service Software Factory, we still do not have any new tools to create our own. I am still defaulting to the UML Profile that has served me well in the past. This series cover the PLE UML profile and contains a Sparx EA template with the profile pre-loaded.