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Essential Mobile Interaction Design: Perfecting Interface Design in Mobile Apps Book Review

Designing developing natural user interfaces for touch and gesture on mobile devices is not the same as web and desktop UI design and development. Mobile devices are used in different contexts, and bring different personas to the table. Having web and desktop UI design experience does not make you a qualified mobile UI designer.

Design Patterns in Java LiveLessons Review

I highly recommend this video series to anyone working in an object oriented language.


Awesome Java Training 1/2 Price for 2 Days - Design Patterns | Spring Framework | Lambda Expressions and Streams

Here are 3 LiveLesson videos that starting today and this weekend (ends strike of midnight on Monday), that are being offering at 50% off the list price. If you have not had the opportunity to view any LiveLessons you are missing out. This is the perfect opportunity to check some of them out.


Agile Development != Chaos

The most agile project teams I have seen are those that do not claim to be agile or lean. They have a solid well documented architecture in place as well as designs of the modules being built.


Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns Book Review

All in all this book accomplished what I had hoped it would. It is a great book on patterns that every programmer should read. It is a must have for any serious developer.


GOF Design Patterns, AntiPatterns, and Refactoring Tutorials, Videos, and Book

This is a nice site for getting up to speed on the GOF Design Patterns, AntiPatterns, and Refactoring. They offer online written tutorials, video tutorials, and they also offer a hard copy of their material in a book.

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