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Sticking it to the Man, Our Day will Come

As I look out across the industry at what companies are doing to employees, at least in IT, what I see disgusted me. Many companies are not refusing to pay because they can’t; they are refusing to pay because they want to take advantage of the current economy. Fear is holding employees prisoner to job conditions they normally would have never seen.

Technical Interviews and Interviewers that Suck and how to Avoid Them

Over the past 6 to 9 months I have interviewed with quite a few companies. The current economy has created a few new breeds of interviewer, breeds our field could do without.....


GOT BOK? Software Development related Body of Knowledge List

There are several BOK around today. Most of them are pretty cool and contain a lot of information, or at least a reference to a lot of information. Here are the BOKs I know about that relate to Software Development.