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July 2012

January 2012

Building Enterprise Systems with Open Distributed Processing Book Review

This is a very well put together book. I highly recommend this book to the software and enterprise architect looking to improve their modeling and design skills.

August 2011

New SPARX Enterprise Architect Learning Resources

SPARX has put up two new sites with new learning resources. They are both worth checking out.

July 2011

Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Engineering Book Review

This is the last book in the Enterprise Engineering Series I had to read. It covers a ton of topics and covers them in-depth.

Communicate... because in IT, if you build it, they may not come.

Finding the perfect balance of influence between IT and the Business Owners (I will resist the urge to refer to them as B.O.) is not easy. I usually find that most projects are influenced by one or the other in an unbalanced manner.

June 2011

Architecture Principles: The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture Book Review

This book is a must read for anyone involved with Enterprise Architecture in any way. Architecture Principles are a very very important topic and they deserve your attention

Enterprise Architecture at Work: Modelling, Communication and Analysis Book Review

If you want to learn how to do Enterprise Architecture modeling, this book is for you. The book covers the Archimate language in detail.

May 2011

The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture Book Review

No matter what your technology stack is this book can help you implement an Enterprise Information Architecture or at least it will help you improve the one you have in place now.

April 2011

Every Enterprise Needs a Modernization Strategy

An enterprise without a modernization strategy is an enterprise with a painful future of paying technical debt with the highest interest possible. This is especially true of custom developed applications.