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.NET Architecture and Development Book Recommendations for 2012

Another year has gone by. Happy New Year everyone. It is time to update my book recommendation blog. There have been a ton of books come out this year both good and bad.


Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio Book Review

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn Scrum and wants to use the TFS tool set to enable your team to accomplish your mission.


From Microsoft dll Hell to Microsoft Installation Hell

Regretfully I have been sitting on getting started with project until SQL Server 2008 came out. Part of that project includes SSRS and I need BIDS to create the reports. Over all this has been a pathetic installation process. I will post any resolutions back to this blog entry.........

GAX/GAT February 2008 Final Release for VSTS 2005 and 2008 Available

The February 2008 Release of the GAX / GAT for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 are available for download.

Get Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System FREE from Microsoft

In order to get people up to speed on Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy, Microsoft is offering a free copy of the book Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System.


Software Engineering Radio- Podcast for Software Developers

If you haven't checked out Software Engineering Radio lately, you may want to. There are some pretty cool episodes available.

Cool Links III- .NET 3.0, 3.5, Acropolis, TFS, AJAX, Visual Studio 2008, CAB, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, SQL Server 2008

I posted a few sets of links a few months ago. Here is another list. There has been a ton of new info to keep up with. Topics - .NET 3.0, 3.5, Acropolis, TFS, AJAX, Visual Studio 2008, CAB, WPF, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008, Architecture, WCF, LINQ, MVP, Repository Factory, etc...

patterns & practices Practices Checker for ASP.NET Applications

patterns & practices Practices Checker is a tool that helps you verify your applications against the patterns & practices performance recommendations for ASP.NET applications.

Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Project, SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA), and ALM Enablement

A problem that I see with a lot of process instances (RUP, OpenUP, etc.) is that the templates provided are static word documents. I know that has been par for course over the years, but SPARX EA gives us a better option for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Enablement.

When will Microsoft Sew their Nose Back On???

A few years ago Microsoft decided to cut off its nose to spite its face. The war on UML started with the DSL movement. Although Microsoft still claimed to see UML as an essential tool, they stopped trying to compete with the rest of the market and tried to lead us down a new path that did not include UML.

Microsoft eScrum Installation and Configuration Sucks

After messing around with the configuration for an hour or two I can only say it can't be worth this aggravation. I gave up trying and have put it into the not usable category on my team.

MSDN Magazine in HTML Help File Format

I never noticed this before so I thought I would point it out. Microsoft has the MSDN Magazine in HTML Help File Format available for download here.

Orcas and then Rosario (The next code name for Visual Studio Team System)

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With Orcas right around the corner, It appears to me we are getting nothing new for the Software Architect. So we are getting nothing added to an already useless architecting tool.

TeamPlain Web Access for Team System now FREE!!!!

TeamPlain Web Access for Team System is now a free download. Microsoft's acquisition of the company has resulted in making TeamPlain Web Access for Team System a free download.